About Me

Thank you for taking interest in learning a little more about me.  Here’s my $.02 bio…

Personal Info:

My name is Michael Levanduski, I live in West Michigan with my wife and three children.  I’ve lived in this area my entire life, and other than the occasional snow shoveling in the winter, I like it here quite a bit.   I love spending time with family, traveling and (of course) writing.

Professional Info:

I have been a freelance writer for about three years now.  Writing is a side job, though I take it very seriously.  In addition to writing, I work full time in the IT field.  I’ve used that experience extensively writing for a variety of high-tech clients.  I also have the following degrees & certifications:

  • Associates of Business Management
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • A+ Certified
  • Certified Novell Administrator
  • ITIL v4 Certified

My Goals: 

My goal when I started writing was just to earn a little bit of extra money.  Over time, however, I’ve discovered that freelance writing has the potential to more than replace my current income as well as that of my wife.  Right now, my main objective is to be able to have my wife quit working and stay home with the children.  Once that’s possible, I’ll continue to work hard to pay off some bills and get to the point where I can quit working and write full time.  Ideally, I’d like this to happen by the time my children are grown so my wife and I can travel the world while I keep earning money where ever we go.

Contact Me: 

If you would like to hire me to do writing for your business, publication, website or just about anything else, please contact me via email at Michael@writeformoneyonline.com

If you have any questions about how to earn a living by writing, take some time to browse my site.  I’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible.  If you can’t find an answer to your question, email me at Michael@writeformoneyonline.com

Thank you


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