Additional Income Stream Series #2 – Building Micro-Niche Sites

Additional Income Stream Series #2 – Building Micro-Niche Sites

This series of posts about different methods for building additional income streams was inspired by my post on why it is important to diversify your income as a writer.  That post can be found HERE.  This post is about building micro-niche sites to earn income.  The income from these sites can be used to supplement your freelance writing income, or even replace it over time.

What is a Micro-Niche Site?

A micro-niche site is a web page that is dedicated to one very specific topic.  For example, if a niche site would be anything in the weight loss category, a micro-niche site could be losing weight following the juicing diet.  Unlike an authority site which will try to cover every aspect of a topic, a micro-niche site covers one very specific area of the niche.  Micro-niche sites are typically much smaller than authority sites, ranging from 2-10 pages in most cases.

A micro-niche site will typically rely on search engines for their traffic, which is why choosing the right keywords is so important.  By optimizing a page for specific keywords within the niche, it is possible to drive fairly targeted traffic to the page.  This traffic can then be monetized through advertisements, selling products or any other common monetization method.

Why Create Micro-Niche Sites

The most expensive and difficult part of creating a micro-niche site for most people is producing the content.  As a writer, you can create the content yourself without costing a dime.  This means it is possible to create entire sites for very little money, and let them bring in money for years to come. The expenses associated with creating a micro-niche site include the following:

  • Purchase a domain – $.99-$12 per year
  • Hosting – Free – $10 per month depending on the hosting package chosen
  • Website Design – Free – $200+ (I typically use free themes)
  • Content Creation – Free (for writers)

As you can see, you can create a high-quality micro-niche site for under $20.  Once you’ve created some content, and gotten the search engines to begin crawling the site, you really don’t have to do much more work to keep the money coming in.  In fact, once you’ve created one site, you can largely ignore it while working on another micro-niche site.  Over time, it is possible to build up dozens or even hundreds of websites, each bringing in money month after month.

The Down Side of Micro-Niche Sites

Micro-niche sites aren’t quite as fool proof as they once were.  Google and the other search engines prefer sites with more content in most cases, so you have to make sure to do it properly.  The first (and most important) thing to do is choose the specific micro-niche you want to write about, and then finding the right keywords.  When you properly optimize your site for keywords which don’t have much competition, you can still rank well in the search engines.

Another potential problem with micro-niche sites is that you aren’t likely going to be earning hundreds of dollars per site.  This is certainly possible, but it isn’t very common anymore.  This is why it is important to have a lot of these sites created.  The more sites you make, however, the more time you have to put into managing them.  The sites which don’t bring in money, for example, you need to sell or let them expire.  Those which are bringing in good money, it might be a good idea to expand them to target additional keywords.

What do you think about micro-niche sites?  Do you own any?  If so, what types of results have you seen from them and what is your favorite part of running them?

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