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always be writingAs a freelance writer, you should always be writing something, however, you also don’t want to de-value your skill.  If you happen to be in a position where you don’t have any work from private clients, make sure you’re still writing something.  It could be a personal blog, adding content to an authority niche site that you own, or even writing up proposals for new clients.  The bottom line is, there is ALWAYS something you could be writing.

Why It is Important to Keep Writing

When a professional athlete finishes up that last game of the season, he doesn’t just kick his feet up, grab a pack of double stuff Oreos and watch TV during the off season.  He hits the gym, works on overcoming his weaknesses and tries to get ready to be a better player for the next season.  As writers, we should have the same attitude.  If you happen to be in an ‘off season’ where you don’t have orders from clients, you should be finding SOMETHING to write.  This is especially true if you want your writing to be you primary source of income.

No matter what it is that you’re writing, you will be strengthening your skill.  The more words you write, the better you will become, that is just a fact.  Even if you’re not getting paid directly for what you’re writing today, it will be a great investment into yourself and your writing business.  So, without another wasted word, here are some great writing opportunities you can do every day.

What Your Can Write, Right Now!

  • A Personal Blog – A personal blog can be a fun way to get your creative energies out, while still practicing your craft.  I’ve been thinking about starting one for some time, and I think it is a great idea for most writers because it will ensure you always have something you could be writing.
  • Authority Niche Site – I’ve posted quite a bit about the benefits of owning an authority niche site.  They are an excellent long term investment of your time, and you really can’t have too many posts on them.  Scheduling posts for future dates if you’ve already posted today will allow you to keep writing no matter what.
  • Proposals for Jobs – Swing by your favorite freelance writing site, and start writing up proposals to try to land new clients.  Writing proposals is an important skill, so even if you don’t get hired today, it is an excellent use of your time.
  • Forum Posting – Visit your favorite forums and join in on the conversation.  Ideally, the forums will be related to one of your websites, so you can be driving traffic while practicing your writing!
  • Guest Blogging – Write a guest blog for another website in your niche, if you already have a relationship with the site owner.  If not, write an email to the owner of the site introducing yourself, and offering them a free guest post.
  • Blog Commenting – This is one of the most effective ways to build relationships, and build links back to your site.  You can also learn a lot by reading other people’s blogs, so this is a great way to spend your ‘down time.’
  • Write a Book – Writing a book can be a really fun and rewarding experience.  Whether you are writing a fiction novel, a children’s book, a biography, or anything else, it is a great use of your time.  With Kindle publishing available, anyone can become a published author, and there can be real money to be made in this area.
  • Create an Information Product – Information products are a great way to make money online, and as writers, you have the ability to make them anytime!  Think of a good idea for a product, and create it.  Of course, you want it to be extremely useful for those who buy it, so be sure to take your time and put in your best effort.

What other types of writing do you do to keep busy?  Please, share your thoughts in the comments below, and consider sharing this post with your friends and followers!

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