Coming Soon – A Site Redesign

Just wanted to post a quick FYI.  After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to redesign this site a little bit.  It isn’t going to be a complete overhaul or anything.  In fact, the look will be largely the same.  The thing I am going to be changing is how all my posts are organized.

At first I was planning on writing a lot more information about specific sites that let you write for money online, and answering questions about that.  Over time, I’ve learned that that most useful (and viewed) content on the site is when I explain general concepts about writing for money online.  Things like how to write a bid on eLance or how to stay motivated or how to find private clients.  Even general success stories seem to be good.

With that in mind, I’m going to be eliminating a great many of the categories on the site and adding in a few new ones.  I’m still working on getting everything finalized, but here are the categories I’ve got in mind right now:

  • Finding Private Clients
  • Negotiating & Marketing Yourself
  • Making Your Own Site
  • Your Business
  • Motivation & Focus
  • Content Mills
  • Freelancer Sites
  • How To
  • Other
  • My Products

I’d love to hear your feedback on this, including suggestions on what I should change/add/adjust.  Also, let me know what types of content you find the most useful.  I want this site to be as helpful as possible, so please let me know what you’re looking for!  If I don’t know the answer, I love researching and learning more about it too!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it useful. I'd love to hear what you thought about it in the comments below. If you're interested in publishing this, or any of my content, on your site I'd love to hear from you. Just contact me using my syndication request form HERE.

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  1. Sanjay Sett says

    Dear Michael,

    I’d appreciate it if you could segregate the `content mills’ into two sections… those that accept English-speaking natives only and those that accept members from all over the world.

    WARNING: I recently stumbled across another content mill, `Article Teller.’ They are a scam and will not pay you for your work. Avoid them. I did just one job for them and was immediately promoted to the topmost level. Fortunately, I discovered, from a friend who is a moderator of a leading forum, that they never pay their writers, while taking money from those who want to get their jobs done.

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