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Please note, this post is written by the previous owner of this site.  The information listed below seemed to offer some valuable information about Demand Studios, so I’m keeping it up.  At some point, I’ll test Demand Studios myself and write up a new post, but for now, please enjoy this information: 

A number of people have been asking about Demand Studios Revenue Share program, so I thought I would share my experience here.

I wrote 84 fixed fee articles for DS (Demand Studios) from April 2009 to July 2009.  Articles at Demand Studios pay anywhere from $5.00 and up with an average of $15.00. All of the articles I wrote paid $15.00 with the exception of one which paid $20.00. My payout for the articles $1280.00.

During the same period of time (April 2009 to July 2009) I wrote 43 Demand Studios Revenue Share articles. The first month I had just a few articles and my payout was $3.44. By the second month this climbed to $15.41. In May 2010 my payout was $44.36. Overall not factoring in the $5.00 bonus per article they gave at the time, my total earnings for Demand Studios Revenue Share articles has worked out to $9.20 per article.

At the time I wrote the articles they had a five year cap on payout, which has since been lifted. The payout for Rev. share articles is now lifetime. So as you can clearly see I will soon surpass the average payout of $15 per article and continue to make money on them.

Should you write Demand Studios Revenue Share articles?

If you are writing for Demand Studios AND you know how to write for the search engines. I would say YES YES and YES. Nothing beats getting paid every month for articles you wrote months ago. I am currently averaging $1.00 a month per article. In a year that adds up to $12.00, two years $24.00 etc.

In addition to the Demand Studios I also collect a monthly payment from eHow. This adds up to hundreds of dollars every month for articles I wrote months ago.

Two  TopTips for Writing Demand Studios Revenue Share articles.

Tip No. 1

At Demand Studios the topics are listed for you to choose from.  Demand Studios Revenue Share articles are varied.  From the choices given, I personally found that the articles that have to do with consumer goods have made the most money for me.  Articles like;

How to buy a…………(brand x)

How to cancel………..(brand x)

How to use ……………(brand x)

UPDATE: Oct. 2010 My Rev Share for the 43 articles I wrote in 2009, is over $60 this month from the DS program (this does not include ehow). I just randomly checked one of my articles, it has made close to $100 since I wrote it, $16.98 this month alone. If you write for Demand Studios, you may definitely want to consider writing Rev Share articles.

UPDATE: Feb. 2011 My Rev Share for the 43 articles was close to $80.00 for January – an average of just under $2.00 an article. I have earned a total of $854.29 from the articles. Taking off the $5.00 bonus which was given at the time, my net earnings are $630.29. An average of $14.65 per article and continuing to earn. Remember this does not include my eHow earnings which are higher.


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    There’s nothing better than passive income and it sounds like the DS rev share option is defnitely worth the time. It’s encouraging to hear these types of success stories since many writers are still wondering about DS rev share. Thanks for sharing.

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