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Please note, this post is written by the previous owner of this site.  The information listed below seemed to offer some valuable information about Demand Studios, so I’m keeping it up.  At some point, I’ll test Demand Studios myself and write up a new post, but for now, please enjoy this information: 

Demand Studios hires freelancers for a variety of media tasks including freelance writing, transcribing, flim making, and more. Owned by Demand Media the same company that owns eHow, Demand Studios content is used on eHow, expert villiage,, and golflink. The top earner has raked in over $37,000.

Writers for Demand Studios must complete an application with writing samples to be accepted. The application process may take a month. Once added to the roster, writers can choose from a wide variety of freelance writing jobs, that are flat fee or revenue share. Flat fee writing jobs pay in the range of $5.00 to $20.00. Most “How to’s” pay $15.00, “Lists” generally pay $5.00. Recently Demand Studios introduced a revenue share program. With the revenue share program, writers are paid the same way as eHow writers. The exact eHow formula for payment is a secret but many believe it is based on adsense ad clicks. It is important to note that there are several differences in the eHow and Demand Studios revenue share program. On eHow articles go live once published on Demand Studios they must be approved. Another essential difference is the revenue share for eHow does not end (unless they change their program), the revenue share for Demand Studios is for 5 years only.

Formats for articles include; Lists, How To’s, Facts, About, Shopping Guide and more. Article topics range but tend to involve research on the writers part. New writers can select up to 10 flat rate topics from a long list in different catergories which include business, home and garden, hobbies and games, weddings, travel etc. In addition up to 15 revenue share topics may be selected. A writer has about a week to complete the article. If it is not completed it will go back into the available article queue. Once written an article must be submitted for an editors approval. This process that may take hours or days.

If editors like your articles, you will be given an increase in the number of articles you are allowed to write. Several writers routinely rake in 3-4 thousand a month from Demand Studios.

Demand Studios pays once a week via paypal.

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    Great way to earn income. I know several writers that make 3thousand a month with DS.

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    Great article! :o)
    Do you have the link (url) for demand studios? Thanks. :o) Writing to earn money is very important and helpful information for a lot of people!

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