Example of How to Get New Freelance Writing Clients

This is a quick video of how taking action can lead you to getting new clients.  In the video I show you exactly what I did during the day, which ended up landing me an offer to write for a site.  I’m still debating whether I want to get paid per word, or use their alternate payment option (adsense) but either way, I’ve got a new client lined up just because I took some really simple action.

A little bonus that isn’t in the video.  Another person send me a message after this video was recorded asking me about my freelance writing services.  This person only wants to pay $.015 per word so I’m not going to write for them, but still.  That’s two offers just from making some random comments.  Please watch the video and let me know if you have any questions.

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    Great video, Michael! This is a great tutorial on how people can land new writing clients. I bet some people didn’t even know this was possible!

    The great thing is, you’re doing this basically “under the radar” because you’re asking questions to get a response from the original poster (which is also a good way to judge how long they take to respond).

    Love it!
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      Thanks! I agree. There are some great benefits to doing it like this. Obviously, it can get a good client, but even in cases where it doesn’t, I’m getting a backlink (granted, it is no-follow and low quality) and that link will be there long into the future. If someone stumbles across that thread, they may click my link and find me months or even years from now. That is one reason I love forums so much!


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      I really like Digital Point because it is so easy to quickly take action, and land clients. I’d say about 40% of my work started out from clients I found there. Another 30-40% started out from Warrior Forums. Then the remaining 20-30% comes from referrals, eLance, CraigsList, WAHM.com and I still have one guy I work for that I originally found on Fiverr.com (though the rates he pays me have gone up quite a bit. 🙂

      Hope that helps!


  2. Candice says

    You mention that you were offered $30. for a 300 word post and you thought that was good money.
    My only reaction is “Really”?

    You feel that a penny a word is fair compensation for a writer?

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    Hello, Michael.

    This is a great video. I haven’t tried searching for clients via digitalpoint. That I will try.

    @Candice, $30 for a 300-word article is gold if you live in a third-world country like I am and the rest of my writing team. If we charge that much for even a 500-700 word article, we won’t get enough clients. That’s how harsh our reality is. Our highest paying article are high-level content with 1000 words, we charge between $30-$50. We don’t use freelancing sites like odesk and elance, the competition is pretty stiff – we compete with Indian writers and those who work for pennies. It’s tough, but once we get at least 5 steady and fair-paying clients, it’s much better than writing for coins.
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