Finding Freelance Clients with LinkedIn

LinkedInLinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals out there.  In many ways, it is superior to Facebook or Twitter for those who are looking to use social networking to find work.  Unlike more casual social networks, however, LinkedIn requires a different approach if you’re looking to find new clients.  There are two main methods which can be used to find new clients on LinkedIn.  One is more passive, and the other more active, but they can both be very helpful.

Optimizing Your Profile to Help Clients find You

When you’re setting up a LinkedIn account, make sure you think about it from the point of view of someone looking to find a writer.  Fill out the profile completely, and be sure to include any links to published work you’ve written in the past.  When filling out your job title, choose something that accurately reflects what you do.  If you own a website to promote your work, for example, you could list your job as “Owner & Lead Writer at”  If you don’t yet have your own site, simply having the title of “Freelance Writer” or “Freelance Copywriter” is usually sufficient.

Adding a picture of yourself to give the profile a more complete look and feel is also important.  Of course, when filling out information about yourself, make sure you’re using proper grammar and correct spelling.  Someone who is looking to hire a writer won’t want to choose someone with this type of problem on their profile.  Finally, do something to encourage them to contact you.  In your bio, for example, end it with something like, “If you’re in need of a high-quality writer, please contact me at”

Seeking Out Clients in LinkedIn Groups

The second, and more active, option for finding clients on LinkedIn will still require you to have a complete profile, so always start there.  Once you’ve completed that step, start looking for groups related to freelance writing and join them.  LinkedIn has thousands of free, user-run, groups which you can join.  Many of them automatically let you in, and others require approval.  Finding good groups is quite simple, just follow these instructions:

  1.  Login to LinkedIn
  2.  Click the drop down button to the left of the search bar at the top
  3.  Click Groups
  4. Type in a search phrase related to your type of writing.  I simply type in “freelance Writing”
  5.  Hit Search
  6.  Review all the different groups, and join those which you’re interested in.

When I did the search for “Freelance writing” there were 140 open groups.  Many of them have thousands of members, and are very active.  Others are quite small.  You can join as many or as few as you’d like.

Once you’ve joined, visit the group pages on a regular basis.  Many people who are looking to hire writers join these groups, and post jobs when they have them.  When you see someone post that they are seeking a writer, simply reply to their message letting them know you’re interested. Provide them with any details about yourself or your work that you feel would be helpful.

Like all methods for finding clients, it might take quite a few applications before you land a job, but once you do, you might have a great long term client.  To make it even better, the people hiring are often working for large businesses with big budgets, so they can often pay a very fair wage.

This method, and several others, are included in my free report titled “A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Private Clients.”  If you’re interested in getting it, simply provide your email in the box below.  When you confirm your address, you’ll get the link to the report delivered right to you.

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      Thanks for stopping by. LinkedIn is a great resource for any writer. There are many methods which can be used, and finding what works best for you is important for long-term success.


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