Five Great Places to Share Your Content You Might have Overlooked

contentWhether you’re a blogger, a business or anyone else who regularly creates content, it is important to know how to get it in front of people.  One of the biggest mistakes content producers make is not realizing that a big part of their job is marketing and promoting the content they create.  Most people today know that publishing their content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are essential.  The fact is, however, that there are many other places where you can post your content, or link to it, to get a lot of high quality traffic.

The following sites are excellent opportunities for you to find new visitors and also get some great links.  You can post all your content, or links to it, on some of the sites, and others are just for specific types of content.  It can be a little challenging to figure out at first, but it is well worth the effort.

  1. ReddIt – Reddit is an extremely popular site, but for some reason, many content creators don’t publish their content here.  Reddit can be difficult because there are some guidelines that need to be followed, including not constantly self-promoting your work.  If, however, you follow the guidelines, and only post your best work (maybe once per week at the most) it can be a great source of steady traffic.
  2. LinkedIn – Just about everyone has a LinkedIn account, but many people don’t use it unless they are looking for a job.  This is a huge missed opportunity.  LinkedIn has thousands of groups dedicated to just about any topic you can think of.  You can join these groups, and publish your content to them on a fairly regular basis.  The people in these groups are very active, and since the groups are niche specific, the traffic you get is very targeted.  You don’t want to spam these groups, of course, but when done well, this is a great way to find new visitors and build great relationships.
  3. Tumblr – Tumblr is a hugely popular platform that gets millions of visitors per day.  If you’ve got a WordPress blog, you can have all your posts automatically published on Tumblr by using the Jetpack plugin.  By automating this type of posting, you don’t have to do any real work, but you’re getting your content published on a major site.  Over time, you will start to get followers, and traffic from this great blogging platform.
  4. Competitor Sites – One of the best things about publishing content online is that you don’t really have any competitors.  If someone else is publishing in the same niche, you can likely work together to benefit both sites.  Set up a relationship with site owners in your niche to occasionally publish each other’s content, with links.  This will help grow both audiences, and also improve SEO.
  5. Pinterest – Pinterest and other image sharing sites are extremely popular right now.  Many content marketers don’t use these sites because they don’t specialize in images, but that is a big mistake.  You can often turn any article, for example, into a simple image with a quote from the article in it.  Sharing this on Pinterest could get you some great traffic.  Experiment with different ways to turn your content into an image, and Pinterest could turn into a great source of high quality traffic.

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    Really appreciate your social media tips. I have actually been making a list of sites to connect and link with. Very reassuring that I am on the right track with that. Thanks for sharing strategies from your experience and expertise.

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