For those Jobs You Just Don’t Want

bad jobThere are MANY job postings on public forums like Digital Forums and Warrior Forum where people are looking to hire very cheap writers, but they claim to want high quality.  I’ve seen quite a few job posting which look something like this:

I need a writer who is from the US, with lots of experience and can deliver high quality content very quickly (within 24 hours).  Zero spelling or grammar mistakes, and must pass copyscape. They should be available to take new orders 7 days per week as I have a lot of clients.  I will pay $3 for 500 word articles or $7 for 1000 word article.  I pay weekly through PayPal only.

Now, this person is obviously delusional.  No self-respecting writer from the US would write for so little, and especially not for a writer that is clearly going to be VERY demanding and a hassle to work with.  While it can get annoying to look through all these posts for jobs you don’t want, it doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time.

You can post in their thread a response which is slightly comical, confident and even irreverent.  The point of the post wouldn’t be to get the actual job they are hiring for, but to show other readers that you are a good writer and that you’re available to work for them.  I’ve gotten a few jobs from people who send me an email or private message saying, “hey, I saw your response in the thread by USERNAME and wanted to see if you were available to write for me.”

Here is an example of a response I might make to the above job listing:

Hey – I saw you’re looking for a writer that can produce high quality content for you with no mistakes, fast turn around time and 100% unique.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you really can’t ask for both high quality and low prices.  That’s just not how economics work.  That being said, however, when you get sick of pulling your hair out trying to find a decent writer, please keep me in mind.  I can easily meet all your requirements, and will charge you just $.07 per word.  I know that is quite a bit above what you’re currently paying, but you’ll actually get the results you need.  As they say, you get what you pay for.

When you work with me, you won’t have to worry about copied content, or “quality contents which are in the best qualities on the internets evertimes.”  In addition, I always deliver on time or early.  Bottom line, you’ll be paying a little more, but you’ll be putting in a fraction of the amount of work on your end.  Plus you’ll get a reliable writer.  Anyway, If you manage to keep your sanity long enough to realize that paying fair prices is a better strategy in the long run, feel free to shoot me a PM.  If not, I hope you find those padded rooms with the pretty white jacket soothing.

As you can see, I am giving anyone who reads this will instantly know that I’m not really interested in the job, but am willing to write (at a higher rate).  Keeping your proposal fun and casual can have an impact on anyone who reads it, and can often lead to finding clients.  So, don’t think of these posts that suck you in with great titles promising a great client, only to pay peanuts as a waste of time.  They can provide you value, especially given enough time.  You never know who will stumble on one of your threads weeks, months or even years down the road.

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  1. Sanjay Sett says

    I’d reply: “Me right chip artikle. However, u need to give monee 2 buy fatherboard, bcos fatherboard need chip and even chip artikle need fatherboard.”

  2. Sanjay Sett says

    Digital Forums was a good place to hang out and find jobs. However, it has deteriorated over the past four years, especially after the admins left following a clash with the owner regarding certain issues.

  3. says

    Man, did you hit that nail on the head!

    I have a hang-up that I am not that good of a writer because English is not my native language. So, when I started my blog I hired a “writer” on iWriter, or one of them sites. What a horrible piece of human babbling that was. I considered $3.00 to be a price of my “how not to do that” experience. I write my own articles now, and while they are not perfect, they are unique and have passion in them. Anyone who thinks they can crank out an article in fifteen minutes is delusional. And $3.00 per hour is not a livable wage in the USA.
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