Free Things to do Every Day to Find Private Clients

Finding private clients is essential for a successful freelance writer.  The following five things can be done every single day to help find new clients.  I do them daily myself, and most days I do them several times throughout the day.  Once you get used to it, they shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each.  If you do each of these things every day for a week, you’ll almost certainly have found at least one new client. If I can think of any additional things you can do quickly each day to find new clients, I’ll update this list so make sure to come back and check from time to time.

  • Check the Warrior for Hire section on the Warrior Forum.  Read any post which is about writers, and apply to those you’re interested in.
  • Check the Content Creation section at Digital Point.  Read each post and apply to the jobs which you’re interested in.  Avoid those low paying jobs like the plague!
  • Check out the Forums at “Work at Home Moms.”  There are occasionally jobs posted for writers.
  • Post on Any Forums with a link to YOUR site in your signature letting people know you are available to write for them! One or two posts per day on a few different forums can be very effective.
  • Post on your social networking accounts which were made specifically for your freelance writing business.  Even just saying hello to your followers can be enough to remind them that you are available.
  • Apply for at least one new job on your favorite freelancing site.  I personally use eLance, but there are many others.

Once you get into this routine, you can get through each of these quick items in just minutes.  Repeating these steps at least once per day will almost certainly help you find many new clients.

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