Please Note:  The bulk of this article was written by the previous owner of this site.  It still contains some excellent information, so I’m leaving it up.  I’ve made some minor changes and updates, but the vast majority of the information was not written by me (though I have permission to have this published here).  I will absolutely be writing on ghostwriting in the future because it is an excellent way for a writer to make money online.  Until then, however, please enjoy the below information:

A ghostwriter writes content such as books, ebooks, blogs, newsletters and other material and someone else is given credit. For example, a ghostwriter might be hired to write a book on entertaining, but Martha Stewart is given credit as the author when the book is published. Or an actress might hire a ghostwriter to writer her memoirs but take full credit.

There are many people who hire ghostwriters. Celebrities, business owners, bloggers, even other authors may hire a ghostwriter to do some or all of the writing for them. Key to remember is that you will not be given credit for your work and discretion in sharing you are the actual author is important.

Start by pulling together a resume, samples of your and references if you have them. If possible put up a website to showcase your work. Keep in mind that if you are ghostwriting for someone, they are unlikely to want you to use reference from them on your site.

Market yourself on the internet and in the community. Also check out eLance and oDesk for jobs.

Pricing is going to vary according to the job. Try to take on jobs that pay well. Remember you have expenses such as electric, phone etc. that you are paying and you are not reimbursed for sick days.

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