Guest Post: 3 Tips on How to Write About a Topic That You are Not Passionate About

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Writing is all about story telling and stories are the most effective when the writer is genuinely passionate about the topic he is discussing. This presents a frustrating problem for the average freelance writer. When you start working as a writer, most of the time, you will not receive orders that you really want to write about. Writing a series of articles on a subject that you are not passionate about can be very difficult.

But there are a few tips and tricks that you can try which will help you write a entertaining article about a subject that does not interest you at all.

1. Break Down The Subject. 

Examine the subject that you have been hired to write about. In other words, break it down. What are you writing about? How can it be used? How can it benefit someone? How is it made? History? Etc.

Break down the subject. Once you get into the habit of analyzing subjects you will be about to come up with interesting article ideas for boring topics. Put yourself into the shoes of someone who wants to know more about the subject. It takes some practice.

2. Find One Aspect of The Subject That You Are Passionate About.

Brainstorm the subject for article ideas and then pick one aspect of the topic that you are passionate about.

For example, lets say that you have been hired to write about brown couches. How would you approach this subject? Unless you are a furniture enthusiast, you are probably not particularly interested in furniture.

Well, what do you like to write about?

Maybe you like writing articles that provide people with helpful interior design advice. Maybe you like writing articles about certain types of couches. Maybe your dog recently made a mess on your couch and you want to educate people on how to clean the mess.

Take your time to figure out how to write about the subject from an angle that you enjoy writing about. Once you find the angle you believe would work; conduct your research from that point of view. You will find plenty of information that you can use to construct a in depth article.

3. Write With Your Own Voice.

Unless, specified otherwise.

Every writer has a different writing style. Don’t be afraid to use your personal writing style when writing for clients. Of course, this does not mean that you should use a lot of slang words and exclamation marks! If your client will appreciate your personal touch; just ask. Most clients will understand that articles which are written for the sole purpose of providing value to readers are much more beneficial than articles which are written just for search engine keywords. Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to your articles.


So now you know about three tips that will help you write a interesting article about a subject that you think is quite boring. If you are not sure if the way you are writing is acceptable, simply ask your client. It can be quite tough to think of fun ways to write about boring subjects but once you learn how to writing articles will be much easier for you.

What do you think?

How do you write about topics that you are not personally passionate about?

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject.

Leave a comment below.

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Have a great day!

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