How Come Submitting Articles to Directories Does Not Work for ME!?

*Click* There goes another article which has been sent to the depths of an article directory database.

I understand that you just invested a lot of time and effort into writing that article and now there is no way to tell if you will benefit from what was written.

Only time will tell.

So what do you do? Well, you do what most internet marketers do, and forget about the submission for awhile and patiently wait for the statistics.

“What! 20 views, 0 clicks?” How can this be? That article was quite impressive and it covered a lot of important subject matter. You spent almost 3 hours writing that article and this is what EZINE articles rewards you with – just a few measly views?

You slam the palm of your hand down on your desk, your coffee cup rattles slightly and almost topples off the edge to meet its under doom, but you balance it with your free hand, saving it from shattering into a million pieces on your office floor.

What you didn’t know is that article directories are database of free articles. In other words, it is perfectly legal to head on over to an article directory, snatch something you fancy, and post it on your website. But the chances of this happened are quite low due to the amount of articles in article directories.

Frustrated, slouched in your chair; you attempt to re-think your strategy. Then, a brilliant thought pops into your head. Heck, instead of throwing my articles at article directories and expecting them to throw visitors and traffic back, I can throw articles at established website owners in my niche. That could work, couldn’t it?

Yes it can. Internet marketers all around the globe have been using this technique to market content. In fact, this type of content marketing is called article syndication and it is an excellent way to generate traffic and revenue. It is such a simple technique that most people never get involved with it and miss out on plenty of traffic.

I know what you are probably thinking “Google HATES duplicate content!” Guess what? That’s not true. Google hates websites that have the SAME articles on the SAME website. If the articles were spread out on different websites Google will have no problem ranking the site.

Instead of throwing that article into an article directory, consider throwing it into a contact form on a website that is in your niche.

Don’t forget to write a short message asking if the website admin wouldn’t mind publishing your article with a link back to your website included, webmasters love new content, and a link out is not much of a trade. Keep throwing out pitches.


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    I have no experience with article directories. Why would I want someone to use my article without buying it? I do write for a ppc site (I also earn Google Adsense and EBay revenue), HubPages, but I have my own profile and account. No one can use or copy my articles. Call me naive, but can you explain the benefit of posting to article directories?
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      These are typically used to give people access to your articles, so they can publish them on their sites. When they do this, they have to include a link back to your page. This helps with SEO, but more importnatly, it brings in very targeted traffic to your site.


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    This isn’t completely true. Google hates duplicate content on the same website, but it will NOT rank every other website that has that same article. It will list the “most pertinent” one in the index that deals with the topic matter of the article.

    The rest of the websites won’t get the listing in the index because Google wants to deliver results for the most relevant website. If you want your article shown across various websites (even as a guest post), you must CHANGE it significantly so it differs from the original.

    If I wasn’t too lazy, i would cite the URL where Google states this, but it’s late and I’ll pass, but I’ve done extensive research on this and can tell you Google won’t list every website that you share the article on within the index.
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      Content syndication won’t damage your rankings in Google.

      Okay, I guess I left out quite a few details in the article. First, content syndication is OK but if the same article has been syndicated thousands of times and Google determines that it is providing no value to readers (no comments) it will lose it’s ranking. Which is why I suggest that if you are going to syndicate content, do so with different articles, and always leave a link back to the original article. Of course, the original article will be ranked higher, but your copy will be a close runner up.

      It is all quite complicated but if you follow Google’s rules and focus on writing top-notch articles that readers enjoy and don’t mind spreading around, your website will not lose rank – but gain rank, and plenty of visitors. I am actually writing a eBook about content syndication that should clear things up. Keep an eye out for it.
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