How to Make Money Online in One Day with Writing

How to Make Money Online Today

If you’re thinking about how to make money online in one day with writing, you are likely in one of two situations.  First, you might just be really strapped for cash and you need to earn some money as fast as you possibly can.  Nothing wrong with that, we’ve all been there.  The second type of person I envision wanting to know how to make money online in one day is someone who is just getting started.  Since so many ‘get rich quick’ schemes exist, many people might think writing for money online is a scam too.  In order to prove that it is valid, however, you can follow these tips and tricks.

If, after all, you can make $50-200 in one day by writing online, you have just prove to yourself that it is 100% possible.  Now, before I get ahead of myself, let me clarify here.  I’m not giving you a long term solution on how to make a career freelancing.  In fact, if you try to follow all these tips every day, you’ll almost certainly burn out and throw your computer out the window.

In addition, this isn’t going to be a day that you work just 6-8 hours.  Your fingers might be cramped and bleeding when the day is through, but at least you’ll have some extra cash in the PayPal account to pay off the bookie who promises to break your knees if you don’t pay him by 8AM tomorrow morning.  So, without further ado, let me get right to it.

How to Make Money Online in One Day:

Ok, here we go.  First off, wake up as early as is practical.  You want to be awake for this, but you also need plenty of hours to work.  Second, put a pot of your favorite coffee on.  I recommend Mystic Monk Coffee, but anything (CAFFINATED) will do.   Heck, you can even use an energy drink if you want.  Now, put your favorite writing sweat pants on, sit down on a comfortable chair, and crank up your most motivational Pandora radio station.

Finding Clients

First thing first, you need to find people who are willing to pay you to write for them.  This might be easier than you might think.  Here’s what I’d do if I were in a position where I needed to pull in some cash fast:

  • Email Your Client List – If you have an existing client list, the first thing you should do is reach out to them.  Be honest in the email, but don’t take too long to write it.  Something like this:
    BODY:  Hey, this is Michael, I’ve written content for your site in the past, so I wanted to reach out to you again to see if you had any writing you needed done.  I’ve found myself in a pretty desperate spot after betting my mortgage money on the roulette wheel, and losing (don’t make something up here, I’m being facetious here, but you should be more honest about the situation).  So, my loss is your gain.  In order to come up with the cash that I desperately need, I’m offering my writing services at just $.01 per word for today only!  I’d need the payment today as well, but if that’s an option, let me know and I’d be happy to get you that content TODAY!
  • Visit Internet Marketing Forums – Once you’ve emailed your client list, visit the major internet marketing forums.  People on these forums ALWAYS need content, and they are also ALWAYS quite poor, so getting hired on the cheap won’t be too hard.  Make a post in the proper spot on the forums telling people that you’re looking for immediate work with prompt payments for an AMAZING deal.  In these forums, you’ll want to write a little bit longer of a post, so people can see the quality of your writing.  If you’re a native English writer, play that up!  Something like, “You won’t find a native English writer for a lower price anywhere on the net!”  Of course, then you have to follow through with the low price.  Provide links to any samples you have, if you have any.  Make the post, and then check back frequently to see if anyone responds with questions.
  • Be Flexible on Terms – This isn’t exactly how to find a client, but more how to land one.  When you’re offering services like this, you need to be a little flexible with your terms.  People hear that you’re desperate for cash, and they will naturally worry that you’re going to take their money and run.  With that in mind, consider writing one article per new client prior to being paid.  This is normally something that isn’t a great idea, but when you need to make money online in one day, sometimes you have to take risks.  Obviously, use your best judgment.  If you have a feeling that someone is looking to scam you out of an article, don’t risk it.

    Also, make sure to remind new potential clients that they are protected by PayPal because if they pay and you don’t deliver, they can file a dispute and get their money back.  Of course, only bring this up if you are asked about it.

  • Contact Anyone Looking to Hire – Look for threads in forums, or blogs or anywhere else you can find them (Google is your friend here) and contact them directly.  Let them know that while you’re normal price per word is $XX, you are writing today only for $.00XX per word.  Again, tell them why and let them know that the quality won’t suffer.  *This is a great way to get new long term clients too.  If they fall in love with your writing at the LOW price, they may be willing to hire you later for a higher price*
  • Look for New Sites – Last option here, look for newer sites that don’t have too much content on them (you can also find people on IM forums saying stuff like, “I just started a blog and…”) Offer to write content for them for really cheap.  Play up the fact that filling their site with good quality content is essential for their long term success.

Setting Your Price

When you’re doing this type of writing blitz, you need to write for REALLY cheap.  I’m talking $.01 per word or less for a native English writer.  I’m not an expert on pricing non-native writers, but you’ll want to slash prices too.  Yes, this SUCKS.  Writing for WAY less than you’re worth is never any fun, but hey, I guess you should have thought of that when spinning the roulette wheel, right?

Handling Your Orders

If you’ve made enough posts and reached out to enough people, the orders should start coming in pretty quickly.  Don’t put anything off.  Make sure you start writing them as fast as you possibly can.  Now, you don’t want to completely ignore quality here either, because these people could turn into higher paying clients in the future.  That being said, however, you also don’t want to spend hours researching and proofreading your work.

Make sure to let the clients know when you deliver the orders that while you put your best effort into writing the content, you can’t offer free rewrites or edits of the article.  Tell them that normally you spend time proof-reading, and would be happy to make edits as needed, but today’s ‘fire sale’ prices won’t allow it.  This will help ensure they will overlook the minor ‘your vs you’re’ errors that might slip by.


One last thing I’ll say on this is that you need to make sure you’re keeping the screen names, Skype ID’s or email addresses of everyone who hires you.  These are all great leads in the future, and may turn into higher paying clients later.  Don’t go through the pain of this all day writing torture without getting any long term benefits!

I hope this post helps you if you ever find yourself in a desperate situation and you need to know how to make money online in one day with writing.  Good luck!

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  1. says

    I have never found myself in a position where I was desperate for writing work and I hope to never be in that particular bind. 🙂

    The downside to “reduced prices” is that there are some clients who will only buy when the sale is on — but they dare not hire you at your regular prices. Too many dime sales and you loose your long-term leverage, too.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge – Day #14My Profile

    • says

      I 100% agree. I don’t think this is a good long term method, or even a good method just to find new clients. When you’re hard pressed for some emergency money, however, it is nice to have this type of option available.

  2. says

    Interesting and informative post. While I agree with Bonnie Gean to a certain degree, I believe new writers do have to start out lower than more experienced writers and work their way up to the best price they can get. The same goes with people who are doing a desperation sale. As long as the writer is clear that this type of sale only happens on rare occasions, they should be okay charging their regular prices the rest of the time.
    Edie Dykeman recently posted…Having Trouble Sleeping?My Profile

    • says

      Yeah, I agree that it is essential to let any existing clients know that this is a 1 time only type of situation, otherwise you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Ideally an established freelancer won’t ever have to do this type of thing!


  3. says

    I agree with Bonnie about the cut price too – I have been there and done it! 1c per word with the exchange rate really wasn’t worth the time and effort for me. Clients who came in that way wanted “cheap” articles – not something I could sustain, even short term.

    Using the method you outlined does work though – and worth a go.
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge Day 10My Profile

  4. says

    I can see how it could beneficial if you were in a financial crisis, good tips for that Michael. As already mentioned I’d be a bit worried about future sales from these customers if they were new but I think if you’re mailing to your current client list, they probably know your regular rates and will think of this as a sale rather than something permanent.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Niche Site #2 Update: Niche Social Media ResourcesMy Profile

  5. says

    Actually, my preferred method is to email or chat with my existing clients and, instead of mentioning that I’m desperate for money, that I have temporarily caught up on my deadlines and am wondering if they have any back burner projects for me to consider. That’s all. My old rates still apply, especially since this might turn into rush work (rush for me, not for them). I really hesitate to discount my services…because once you start lowering your prices, clients will expect sales constantly.
    Halina recently posted…Before You Say “I Quit!” Don’t Make This Common Freelance MistakeMy Profile

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