Is it Possible to Work from Home Full Time

While everyone knows that it is possible to make a full time income from home, the more accurate question would be, “how hard is it to work from home full time as a writer”.  I choose the title because I believe it will bring in more readers, and it is still accurate (more on writing titles in a future post!).

One of the biggest problem many people have when just starting out as a writer iI love my jobs that they have likely been burned by one ‘work from home’ scam or another.  It could be someone trying to get them to sign up for a multi-level-marketing scheme (not that they are all bad mind you!) or they fell for the “Make $30,000 per month working 10 minutes per day” internet marketing hype.  There are a lot of scams waiting for people who want to work from home, which can make it difficult to trust any method.

Building Up over Time

With this in mind, I never recommend anyone quit their job to start writing, until they have established themselves.  Writing from home is not a get rich quick deal, so even if everything goes perfectly, the chances are you won’t be making a full time income for several months (or even longer).  Making money as a writer online typically grows slowly as you find more clients to write for, or build more traffic to your website.

If you go into it with reasonable expectations, however, it is certainly possible to make a full time income from writing.  In fact, it is possible to make much more than the average income if you work hard and make the right choices.  This is, perhaps, my favorite thing about being a writer.  If I work harder, I am going to be making more money.  If I decide to slow down and not work as hard, the money will go down (though not always!).  I am much more in control of my income than I am at work.

Yes…The answer is Yes!

To answer the original question of this post, yes, you can make a full time income as a writer.  I personally know many people who work from home as a writer, and make more than the average salary for their country.  That being said, however, it is also possible to work hard for years without ever becoming truly successful.  This happens when people get stuck in a situation where they are writing for too little money.

You are too busy writing to spend your time finding higher paying clients, so you are never able to increase your total income.  In many cases, it is necessary to take a step back in how much you’re earning, so that you can then later take two (or three…or ten) steps forward.  Each of us are only given 24 hours in a day, and we can’t write the entire time.  Make sure to spend the time you are writing on projects that will earn you as much money as possible, if you want to earn a full time income writing from home that is.

Yes, This is Just a “Feel Good” Post

Sorry, there aren’t really any gems of advice in this post.  Nothing magical or even extremely helpful that you haven’t heard before.  This is basically just a piece to reassure everyone that writing can be a full time job.  It truly is possible.  Sometimes just a little encouragement and assurance is just the thing we need to hear.

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    Yes, it’s possible; I’ve done it successfully since 2006. I’m a disabled vet, injured in the line of duty, and have lots of problems with me knees and back. Plus, my husband’s job took us to a small, rural community in the Rocky Mountains; not a lot of social work jobs available. That’s when I started my own writing company, Rocky Mountain Way Freelance Writing. It’s ideal for me to work when I’m fired up, or not work when I’m feeling unwell. To do this requires a lot of self-management, organizational skills and time management. I have many non-fiction writing assignments and like a garden, all must be tended to. No, I don’t think that working online should carry the warning label, “Don’t try this at home!

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      That’s awesome! I’ve been freelance writing since 2011 I think, and I love it. I have a full time job too, but I see this as my long-term career. My goal is to be able to do this exclusively once my kids are grown up (my youngest just turned 8 today!). I think this is a very realistic goal.

      Thanks for posting, and thank you for your service to our country!!


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        Michael, it is easier for me because my husband, a physician works outside the home and we have no children. Well okay, we have 12 mini-Dachshunds (animal-assisted therapy dogs) that I care for during the day, but there is still a lot of quiet time for writing and good government benefits for paying some bills. It must be more difficult for you — working, raising a family, and writing. One thing: over the years, I’ve never let anything get in the way of my writing time (non-fiction). Even if it’s just a journal entry about yesterday’s first snow, I write SOMETHING every day. BTW, you are pre-approve to join my group, the Alliance of Non-Fiction writers. I’d love to see you there.

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          I write almost every day too, even if it is only for a little while. THe vast majority of my writing, however, is for freelance clients. They pay well, and I love doing it, but sometimes I’m so busy I can’t get posts for my own projects in, which is not a good thing! Too much work, however, is a problem I’m sure many freelance writers would love to have, lol.

          WOW…12 mini-Dachshunds!?! That is a lot! I have 1 pomeranian and one English Bulldog (and a cat, and two guinnea pigs) and they are as much as I can handle. All my pets started out as “Please dad, I promise we’ll take care of them” (or something similar from my wife, lol). Of course, I end up doing quite a bit of it, but that’s ok. 🙂

          Where do I go to check out your alliance of non-fiction writers?


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            Michael, you are pre-approved. It’s a new group I recently started just for us non-fiction sloggers, whether it be online, academic journal pieces, e-books, whatever. Please come and join us!

  2. Barb Johnson says

    Thank you Michael for writing this excellent post. It’s encouraging and that’s what I needed. I’ve loved writing since I was 7 years old and was taught to write thank you notes. I have one wonderful client for my freelance business but need to land more. I seem to spend much too much time studying and reading about the business. Now I must do what I’ve learned.
    Margaret, you are inspiring also. You’ve never let anything “get in the way of your writing time”. I will take that to heart today! Thank you.

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      Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m happy to help in any way I can. If there is ever anything specific you have questions about, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m always looking for new topics to write on, and what better place to get them than from other writers!


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    Feel good posts are great too! I think that the hardest part is just finding those first clients. It is also important to allocate some portion of each day or week to simply looking for more business. I find that diversity helps bring security. Some clients go “dark” for weeks, but then come back with big projects. The time between that can be awful if you don’t have some filler work to do to bridge the gap.
    Mar recently posted…Great Examples Of Inbound MarketingMy Profile

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      I agree. Having a good line of customers is the best way to keep the work coming. If you have a good line of clients, the biggest problem is when they all order at the same time and you’re swamped for a few days. Definitely a problem most writers are happy to have!


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