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While the exact value of link building for SEO can be debated, there can be no doubt that it is a useful way to get targeted traffic, as long as you’re commenting on blogs in a related niche.  If, for example, I post on a blog in the World of Warcraft niche, and include a link back to this site, it would be fairly pointless.  It would have no SEO value (unless it was negative), and it will be very rare for anyone to actually click the link on that page because individuals browsing that site won’t be interested in mine (typically).

If I post on a site written for freelance writers, stay at home moms/dads, making money online or any related niche, however, I’ll be getting both SEO benefits, and some traffic.  Not to mention, of course, I’ll be building a relationship with other freelance writers, which is always beneficial.

I’ve been trying to find one or two sites per day in a niche which would benefit my site.  I believe that the easiest way to do this is to find sites in my niche which are using the commentLuv plug-in (which I’m using on this site).  From my research, this plug-in does a great job at filtering out spam while still providing incentive for both blogs and commenter’s to interact.  It is truly a win-win.

My biggest problem, however, is that most of the lists of commentLuv enabled sites are fairly generic.  They may have 1000+ sites, but only 25 are in niches I am interested in commenting on.  Well, when I see a problem like this, my first thought is to offer a solution.  And so, this post is born!   Below you will see a list of commentLuv enabled blogs in a niche which I feel directly benefits freelance writers.  I’ll be adding to this list as I find more sites.

If you feel your site would fit well in this list, please comment below and I’ll review it.  If it fits, I’ll add it in!   Also, if you feel there are any other niches which will work well in this list, let me know that too and I’ll update the post.  Hopefully, this post will be constantly updated with new resources for freelance writers interested in blog commenting!

Freelance Writing Niche


Work from Home Mom/Dad Niche


Make Money Online Niche



*Please note, I do not have any relationship with the above sites.  I don’t endorse the information they provide, or necessarily agree with their opinions.  I have visited them to verify they are in the niches I listed them under, and that they are using the commentLuv plugin.  If you find any of them are no-longer using commentLuv, please let me know and I’ll remove them from the list.

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