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laptop writing articlesOne of the most common ways to make money as a writer is to write articles, either for yourself or, more commonly, for other people.  The term articles can be pretty generic, and each person will use the term a little differently.  Basically any content you write about a specific topic can be considered an article, and published either on a website, an ezine (electronic magazine), an actual magazine or newspaper, or just about anywhere else.  In order to make money writing articles you need to either publish them yourself on your own websites, or sell them to others.

Self-Publishing Articles

By far, the most common way to write articles and publish them on your own is by blogging.  Blogging has grown exponentially over the past several years, and today there are millions of different blogs on virtually every topic you can imagine.  A great writer can pick just about any topic they are interested in, and start a blog about it.  When they write even just a few articles per week and post them on their site, it will eventually build up to an authority site which can bring in lots of traffic.  There are, of course, many steps between starting that first blog, and bringing in lots of money, but the potential is real.

For long term success with blogging, you need to not just have high-quality articles written for your site, but also understand how to get the traffic to your site, and how to make money off of that traffic once it arrives.  Whether you sell your own products, promote affiliate products or just have advertisements on your page, you can make money writing articles for yourself if you take the time to do it right.  You can learn how to make great money with my extremely detailed, step by step, guide on how to create your own websites.  It is written specifically for writers, so check it out HERE.

Selling Articles

Selling articles is one of the best ways to make money off of them.  There is an endless demand for high-quality articles because of the fact that so many other people need high-quality content for their websites and other publications.  The trick is to find these people and find out what types of articles they are looking for.  There are many different ways to find these types of people, many of which I’ve already written about on, and others which I’ll be writing about in the future.  Just browse around the site to get specific ideas as well as step-by-step guides for some of the best places to find clients to write for.

In general, however, there are a few great types of places where you can sell articles.  Some of them will require that you write the articles up front, offer them for sale, and wait for a buyer.  Others will have you finding a buyer first, and writing articles specifically for that person, based on their requirements.  Here are some popular ways to make money writing articles for other people:

  • Private Clients – Finding private clients can be difficult, but it is the best way to make real money writing articles.  Start by reviewing my series on how to find private clients.
  • Selling PLR Packs – PLR, or Private Label Rights, are a specific type of articles.  You write a pack of either 5 or 10 articles about a specific topic.  You then bundle them together and sell them for around $1 per article.  You make the money on the fact that you can sell each pack around 150 times.  This, of course, takes some time and you’ll need to build up a list of buyers, but over time, this can be very profitable.  I’ll write a detailed guide on this subject in the future and update this post.
  • Content Mills – Writing for content mills is a good way to get consistent work, but they typically pay far less than other options.  When you have nothing else to write, however, it can be a good place to get some practice while still making a little money.
  • Freelancing – Sites like eLance and oDesk have an endless stream of requests for people to write articles.  While there are many requests at very low prices, there are also some good jobs to be found.  You can learn all about getting writing jobs on eLance in my Freelance Writing with eLance guide.  Freelancing is also a great way to meet new clients, which may turn into private clients down the road.

As you can see, there are many different ways to make money writing articles.  It will take some time, and a lot of work, but if you love writing it will be well worth it.  It is even possible to make ‘full time’ income right from the comfort of your computer desk, but you’ll have to treat it like a real job and put in the time and dedication to make it a successful business for yourself.

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