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100 postsAs I sat down to start writing a post for today I realized that this would be my 100th live post on this site.  This includes a few guest posts and things like that, but 100 live posts on my site is still an accomplishment (in my mind at least).  Especially for me, since I’ve often jumped from project to project in the past, without allowing myself to gain any real traction.  So, I thought I should celebrate!

Of course, celebrating 100 blog posts isn’t really all that exciting.  After all, nobody made me a cake or even sang me a song.  I could write about a cake, but that would just leave me feeling hungry, and not really provide any value to me or my readers.  So, instead of actually celebrating this little accomplishment, I am going to write a bit about what I plan on focusing on for my next 100 posts.

How To Posts

I’d like to add more ‘how to’ type posts to help anyone looking to learn how to write for money online.  I think this style of post is really helpful.  I will try to write things in a way that is really easy to follow, and answers questions directly.  If you have any requests on which How To style posts I should write, please let me know in the comments below!  I want to be as helpful as possible.

Top X Posts

Top 5 or top 10 posts are fun to write, and they seem to be quite popular, so I want to write more of those in the future as well.  I’ll try to come up with some great lists that will be helpful to readers of this site.  Any ideas for these types of posts?  Just let me know!


I haven’t reviewed many sites or products on this site yet, so I’d really like to start doing that.  I think it could be very valuable to the readers, and also force me to start looking at different places for making money.  I’ll always write my reviews honestly so that you can learn a little bit about the site or product I’m reviewing.


I am working on one information product now that I think many people will find very helpful.  I’ve got a couple other ideas on the back burner too.  I really need to put a bigger focus on this going forward, and actually put in the time necessary to make great products that will truly help people. 

Business Updates

I started these a couple weeks ago with my ‘Sunday Updates’ and I’ve enjoyed writing them, and have gotten some great feedback too.  I’ll keep writing these, and try to improve them based on what I hear from people who read them.  What types of things are helpful, what types of things are useless, I want to hear it all!

Personal Stories

This is one I’ve been thinking about doing, but haven’t done much of yet.  I don’t know that anyone would be interested in my personal thoughts or stories at all, which is why I haven’t done it.  I keep reading from other ‘professional’ bloggers, however, that sharing personal stores (from time to time) can be a great way to build your audience, and show that you’re really a real person.  I’m not 100% sure on this one, but I might give it a try.

News Stories

Here’s another one I’ve been thinking about adding.  I’m sure there is a lot of ‘writer news’ out there, and I’d like to do a better job at keeping up on it.  I might add a category for news, and start publishing what I find.  I think that could be helpful to everyone, including myself.  Things like news stories on when a new site comes out that pays writers, or when an author on the Kindle Marketplace hits it big. 

Q&A or FAQ Posts

I have quite a few questions that people ask me from time to time, but the answers don’t really lend themselves well to a full blog post.  Maybe I’ll start adding in a few “Q&A” style posts where I write out a question and give a quick answer to it. 

Writing Tips

While I’m not the best writer ever, I think I could still share some writing tips that could help people.  Whether it is ideas on how to come up with topics to write about, or some good posts on different common grammar issues people face.  Adding these types of posts could be fun and helpful.

Those are the ideas I have in mind for my next 100 posts and beyond.  What do you think?  What other types of things would you like to see on this site?  My goal is to be as helpful to you as possible, so if you are interested in it, I’d love to include it here!  Please, share your comments below.

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    Hi Michael,

    First of all – congratulations on your 100th post – it’s a big achievement for anyone, and well done for consistency!

    I enjoyed reading your post, and I am not simply being polite. You have an engaging conversational style which is easy to read. Plus, the content is good – I am going to refer to your ideas when writing my own blog posts 🙂

    Galina StGeorge recently posted…How to Structure a Great Working Day – 10 Steps to Better ProductivityMy Profile

  2. says

    I like the idea of adding personal stories. I just posted a blog completely outside my niche, but thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit. In the blog, I answer 10 questions about myself and end by asking readers to ask me any other questions they’d like answered in the comment section. I think it’s important that people realize their favorite authors are real people behind the words. After all, we are people first and writers second.
    Shauna L Bowling recently posted…What Do You Want to Know About Me?My Profile

  3. says

    100 posts IS a major accomplishment, Michael – I hope you did celebrate accordingly! I love the ideas that you’ve covered and will look at incorporating some of those into my blog! I think getting personal is great as it helps people to know that you are a “real” person and they can relate to you.

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