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Constant-Content is a site offering a variety of media; articles, photographs, video and illustrations to publishers. One of the nice things about it, is it gives the writer, photographer, filmmaker and artist the opportunity to not only name their price but to resell their articles over and over. When you submit a piece work to Constant-Content, you select the option for each article. You can set a Usage Price, Unique Price or Full Rights Price.

Usage Price-When a publisher pays a usage price, they have purchased the right to use your article on their site, in a magazine or in some other media. You retain all rights to your work, keep your byline and the content can be resold to other publishers on Constant-Content..

Unique Price-When a publisher pays a unique price, you retain your byline. The publisher can use your article but not resell it. The article is removed from Constant Contents database.

Full Rights Price-When a publisher pays the full rights price, it essentially allows them to do whatever they want to your article. They can change the wording, resell it, put their own byline on it. You no longer have rights to it.

Constant Content does give pricing suggestions. For a 300-500 word article they suggest a range of $10-$25 for Usage $30-$60 for Unique and $40-$80 for full rights. Pricing strategies differ from author to author. Some prefer to potentially resell their articles over and over and will not give a full rights price option or will set a very high price for full rights. Others give just a few dollars difference in articles they sell for Usage and ones they sell for Full Rights. Keep in mind as you price articles that you are paid a percentage of the price you post.

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