Never Stop Marketing Yourself

marketingOne issue I commonly struggle with as a freelance writer is when I get really busy with orders, I tend to stop looking for more work.  On the surface, this may seem logical.  After all, if I’m already really busy, why would I want more work, right?  Well, I’ve learned that this is a really bad way of looking at things, and it is one of the big reasons that writers can get stuck earning the same amount of money year after year.

Adjust Your Marketing

When you’re really busy with orders; that should be a sign that you are offering a great service, but you aren’t charging enough (in many cases).  I’m not suggesting that you just keep marketing yourself in the same way you have been, but rather adjust your approach.  Start looking for hire paying clients, for example.

If you’re currently swamped with orders at $.03 per word, start quoting new clients at $.06 per word.  Sure, you’ll likely get turned down much more often, but every client you are able to land will pay you significantly more.  Twice as much, in this example.  You can also start marketing yourself to different areas.  If you’re used to just writing web copy for SEO companies or website owners, you can start trying to get some work from print magazines, newspapers or even books.

Try new things and be slightly more careless.  Of course, not in a bad way, but just reach out to different jobs in new ways that you might not have tried before.  The worst that can happen is you don’t get hired, and in reality, that is fine since you’re already really busy.

Dropping Existing Clients

If you do happen to get hired by someone who will pay significantly higher rates than your existing clients, try not to drop the existing ones right away.  You want to make sure the new client is going to work out well.  Of course, this often means working longer hours to keep everything caught up.

Rather than directly dropping a client, you can always go to them and ask for a raise, which may make it worth it to you to write more each day.  You can also let them know that you are no longer able to provide the same services for that price, but you would be happy to accept jobs with a longer deadline.  This will help you stay busy, even if other clients don’t make orders quite as frequently.  As mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get creative with your business!

Ending Marketing

If you do stop your marketing efforts, even for a short period of time, I’ve found that it will really back fire on you.  An existing client who was helping to keep you busy, for example, might go out of business or downsize their orders.  You’ll then be left with less work each week, which means less money.  Marketing is almost as essential as writing for a freelancer, and in some cases it can even be more important.  So, no matter how stable or successful you feel you are today, NEVER stop marketing yourself and looking for more work!

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    Solid marketing tips here, Michael!

    When I was new in business, I had so many orders coming in that I put a halt to the marketing side of my business and it turned out to have devastating results!

    So, I agree! NEVER stop marketing your business – just change it up so you still pass the word out, but you’re not getting swamped to a point where you bury your energy!
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    I totally agree about continuing to market, but I had never thought about it as a way to get paid more. I think if I look at it from your point of view, I will make it a priority even with a busy schedule.

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