One Great Tip for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

Setting GoalsWell, I’ve been failing quite a bit at making daily posts to this site over the past week or two.  I’ve gotten some great freelancing orders, which have kept me really busy, and I’ve been really busy with Christmas celebrations.  Unfortunately, that has lead me to neglect this site, which is something I’ve been trying not to do!  I’ve found it is far too easy to skip one day of posting, and then have that one day turn into two..then three.  And so on. 

Well, I’m not going to dwell on my failures in this area from the past couple weeks.  I am going to make this last post of 2013, and hopefully get off on the right foot for 2014!  With that in mind, I’ve decided to write about one extraordinary tip on how you can keep your New Year’s resolution (or any goal you make, any time of the year!).

What do you Want to BE?

I read about this strategy in an article titled, “World’s Easiest Way to Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolution” by Adam Vaccaro.  I read it while researching for another article I was writing for a client, and I absolutely loved the idea.  It all centers on setting goals of what you want to BE rather than what you want to DO.

For example…Many people will set a resolution of losing weight in 2014, or exercising more in 2014.  Historically, more than 75% of these resolutions will be given up on by the end of February.  Of course, this doesn’t just have to do with exercise or health goals.  Virtually all New Year’s Resolutions end in failure.  Instead of setting a resolution to exercise more (something you DO) why not set a resolution to BE happy with your weight by March 30th (and then maintain that throughout the year). 

What’s the difference you ask? 

According to some academic studies surrounding setting and achieving goals, people are more likely to accomplish their goals when they base it on what they do or do not want to BE.  One example of this from the research was that when politicians or other groups want to get people out to the polls on election day, they are more successful if they run a campaign that tells people to “BE a Voter” rather than to “Go Vote.”

It seems like a minor distinction, but the data doesn’t lie.  Hopefully we all know that using human psychology to our advantage (both in ourselves and in others) is a good thing, and this is a prime example of it.  So, when setting your Resolutions (or any goals), try rewording them into something that you can BE.  Or something you can avoid BEing.  It just might work for you (and it really can’t hurt)!

So, with that in mind, let me refocus some of my goals for 2014!

  • ·         I will BE a successful freelance writer (I have specific numbers tied to this goal).
  • ·         I will BE a successful blogger who posts an average of 5 times per week.
  • ·         I will NOT BE a procrastinator in 2014! 
  • ·         I will BE a more attentive husband & father in 2014!
  • ·         I will BE more successful with my product creation in 2014.
  • ·         I will BE more diverse in my online income in 2014.
  • ·         I will NOT BE so easily distracted by unproductive things.

I’ve got a few more goals as well, but hopefully these will be enough to post here.  What are your goals for 2014 (or any time?)?  Share your thoughts on this, or post your goals, in the comments below!

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  1. Noreen Gallagher says

    Yes! I like this – what I want to be as opposed to do! Like you I am keen to improve my writing commitments and (techniques). IN 2014 I DESIRE TO BE PAID FOR WRITING. Thank you for helping me understand what I need to do. And what contacts I need to make this happen. Much appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Noreen 😉

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