Questions Series #2 – What do You Want This Project to Accomplish?

When talking with clients, it is often critical to ask them what they are hoping to accomplish with the content you are writing for them.  The goal of the client can have a major impact on how you write the content.  If, for example, they are using it to attempt to drive sales of a particular product, you can write in a way which will (hopefully) get people ready to buy.  If they are going to use it strictly to try to rank for a keyword or key phrase, you can adjust your writing to meet those demands.

When you write specifically for their purpose, they are much more likely to accomplish their goals.  If they are accomplishing their goals with your content, they are much more likely to come back and hire you again.  In addition, writing for their specific purpose will also reduce the likelihood of the client being unhappy with the results, and asking for edits or a re-write.

Writers should understand that there are many different types of writing, and even subtle differences in the way you write can make a big difference to the person reading it.  Depending on how your client answers this question, you can tailor the writing to their specific needs.

Do you ask your clients this question, or something similar?  How has it helped you in your freelance career?  If you don’t, why not start now?

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