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ContentMarketingAs freelance writers, it is often important to be able to not only sell your clients on the fact that you’re a great writer, but also on the fact that they need high quality content.  Many businesses and websites have the mistaken assumption that if they put up a site with a few good pages, people will start visiting and buying their products or services.  True content marketing doesn’t work that way, and it is sometimes our job to educate them.

I just got done reading an article on that talks about how content marketing is different than traditional advertising, and why all businesses should be using it.  I think the article does an excellent job at summing up the benefits of content marketing, and pointing out the mistakes many people make.

I plan on forwarding this article to a few of my clients and potential clients who might need that extra little push to get them to really invest in content marketing.  Obviously, this will benefit me since if they make orders (or increase their orders) it will result in more work for me.  This is one example of how I always try to help my clients in any way I can, because it also benefits me!  I wrote about that in a post HERE, if you’re interested.

In addition, if you’re a website owner or manager, this article can really show you how and why it is important to stick with content marketing for the long haul, and not just toss-up a couple posts and hope for the best.

Anyway, I highly recommend you take a couple of minutes and read the article posted on Forbes.  It is well worth your time.  You can find it HERE.

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    I think that’s wise, keeping them in the loop. They may not realize how important content marketing is, but nowadays it is a must if they want traffic to their site or business. Also, I like that you are out there reading and updating yourself on what’s going on in the business world. Very smart! Than you can pass on what you need to.

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