Ten Quick Tips to Create Share-Worthy Content

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When it comes to getting high-quality traffic to your site, there is nothing more beneficial than having people share it for you.  Whether they write about it on their sites, post it on Facebook, tweet it or anything else, when people share your content, you win.  Not only does this get you high-quality traffic without having to do much marketing yourself, but it will also give you benefits with SEO so you’ll get even more traffic in the future.


The difficult thing, however, is to create ‘share-worthy’ content.  Something that really snaps, crackles and pops so people will click the little share button so their friends and family can read it too.  Getting your content to ‘go-viral’ is difficult, and it won’t happen every time no matter how good you are.  Having a post go viral once in a while, however, can bring in hundreds or even thousands of visitors quickly, many of whom will start coming back again and again.

Tip #1 – Quality is King

There is simply no substitute for high-quality content that is easy to read and comprehend.  People aren’t likely to share something that sounds like it was written by a second grader.  Take the time to write a great post every time.  While this might not guarantee people will share it, it will help open the door to being shared.

Tip #2 – Formatting

The Internet is FILLED with content.  It would be impossible for people to read through everything written about even a single topic, much less everything published online.  When people load up a page and see nothing but text, it can be intimidating.  They will often just hit the ‘back’ button and find something else.  I wrote a full post all about how to properly format your content, and it can be found HERE.

Tip #3 – Target Your Fans

If you are writing for an established site which has a loyal following of fans, make sure to target them directly.  Write something they will find interesting, and make sure they are aware that it was published.  These ‘die-hard’ fans will be much more likely to share the content, which then may be shared again by their friends and followers.

Tip #4 – Just Ask

Many people are surprised at just how effective it can be to ask readers to share your post.  Ending a post by simply suggesting they share the content, or even better, giving them an option to do it directly from your site, will increase the number of times your post gets shared dramatically.

Tip #5 – Be Unique

Try to make your content stand out in some way.  It might be writing in a unique voice, giving a different perspective on the subject, or just about anything else.  If you are able to publish something in a way people haven’t seen before, it will have a great chance at getting shared.

Tip #6 – Get the Title Right

While people may say that it isn’t good to judge a book by its cover, they often judge a post by its title.  Make sure you are using a title which is going to catch their attention.  You should be drawing them in, peeking their interest and making it so they want to click to see what it is all about.  There are many different strategies for this, so take some time to experiment and see what works best for you.

Tip #7 – Create Controversy

People love getting in online debates, or leaving their opinion about controversial subjects.  If you write about something controversial, it will very likely get a lot of comments and also get shared a lot.  Finding the right balance between catering to your audience, and being controversial can be difficult, but it is worth the effort.

Tip #8 – Top X Lists & How-To Posts

People like reading top 10 lists or how-to articles.  They are simple to read, educational and provide information in an easy to absorb way.  It also makes it easy to write a great title since you can simply put in “Top Ten X” and you’re all set!

Tip #9 – Start the Ball Rolling

If you want people to share your content, start off by sharing it yourself.  When you publish new content, you should be sharing it on your pages Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts.  In many cases, sharing it on your personal accounts can be a good idea as well.  If it is not something you’re willing to share on your own accounts, why would someone post it to theirs?

Tip #10 – Appeal to Emotions over Logic

People often share content that they feel emotionally attached to in some way.  When possible, appeal to the reader’s emotions to attempt to get them to share content.  This can help get your post shared very quickly and effectively.

I hope these ten quick tips will help you to get your content shared in the future.  There are many other ways to help get your posts to go-viral more often, of course, so please feel free to share your strategies below.  Oh, and make sure to share this post too! 😉

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