Ten Tips for Generating Content Marketing Ideas

content creationAs content marketing becomes more and more important for brands, it is essential to come up with new and unique topics to write about on a daily basis.  While this isn’t a problem at first,  it can become overwhelming over time, and many content writers end up having to spend more time coming up with ideas to write about than they actually spend writing.  There are many great resources available to help come up with topics to write about, and they can be very helpful.  These ten tips are things that you may have never considered, and can be very helpful in generating new content.

  • Tie Your Site into Popular Media – If there is a popular movie or television show, see if you can tie your product or service into it.  Talk about how your services could have helped the main character, or prevented a problem.  Talk about how the moral of the story in the movie ties into what your site promotes.  Get creative.  When done properly, you can generate great content and even pull in some search traffic from new keywords.
  • Host a Debate – If your site has anything controversial associated with it, consider hosting a debate with a competitor or opposing site. This can be a written debate, something on Skype, or even a formal debate.  Once completed, both sites can publish it and benefit from the expanded exposure.
  • Expose Your Mistakes – Many people publish information about how great different initiatives or efforts have been, but people are less likely to talk about their own mistakes.  Make a list of the top ten things you (or your company) has done wrong in the last year.  Shining a light on your mistakes will help you, and your readers avoid them in the future, and helps build trust with your audience.
  • Play Devil’s Advocate – Write a post from an opposing viewpoint.  If your site is promoting a product, write a post about all the potential reasons why people would not want to buy it.  If it is a site endorsing an idea, write why the idea may be incorrect.  This will help you to expand your knowledge of what you’re offering, and will help generate future posts where you refute your own ideas.  Try to make the case as strong as possible by doing research, and getting into the mind of someone who actually takes that point of view.
  • Make an Authority Post – If you’re like many content marketers, you likely write a lot of posts that are 500-700 words long.  Consider doubling, or even tripling that number.  You can choose a topic that you’ve already written about, but go into much more depth.  This will not only give you an idea on what to write about, but will also give page length diversity to your site, which Google will like.
  • Write Update Posts – Go through your oldest content and see if anything has changed.  In many niches, change is very fast paced, so this can give you a lot of writing ideas.  Write a post (and link it to the original) that shows what has changed, and what has stayed the same.  Make sure to provide new value in these posts.
  • Check Out Sub-Reddits – Reddit is a fast paced site where people are always sharing the latest information on almost any topic you can imagine.  Subscribe to any subbreddit that is in your niche to get a steady stream of new ideas.  Just make sure you’re not copying content!
  • Ask for Ideas – If you’ve got an established email list, don’t be afraid to ask for ideas.  Email your list letting them know that you want to create some custom content based on their specific requests.  Your readers will often give you all the ideas you need for fresh new content on a regular basis.
  • Read Comments – Similar to the last one, make sure you are reading all the comments from people who visit your site.  They will often contain little hints on what people are interested in.  Every time someone comments, read it to see if it will generate some new ideas for fresh content.
  • Dig Deep into Sub Niches – Consider writing a post on the most specific, detailed part of your niche you can imagine.  If you’re in the golfing niche, for example, don’t just write something about putting, but write an entire post on how the material used for the head of a putter can affect your game (I’m not a golfers, so I don’t know if that is a real thing or not, but you get the idea).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of ideas for coming up with new content ideas.  If you’ve got any that you find effective, please share them in the comments (and maybe someday, I’ll make a whole post out of them!)

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