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  1. says

    Writing for money seem to be easier for people staying and working in USA.It has been and still my wish to earn some income out of the articles I write, but the beginning troubles me. Take for example,one must have a PayPal Account or must have gone through a registration process with one of the most known writers websites.Now,tell me how do I perforate such a strict arrangement to start writing for money?

    • says

      Yes, people from the USA, or other Western countries certainly have an advantage with writing online for money. Since most of the web is published in English, many people want native speakers writing their content.

      Also, getting a PayPal account can be difficult in other countries I hear. You can still earn money writing through companies like eLance though I believe. If you’re a great writer, there is still plenty of potential for you!


  2. Sterling says

    This a huge deal for me. I have written several original articles for similar sites. The one which inspired me to try for pay the online way is named; My goodness I gave the requested ten articles to start raking in the dough. Up ’til this day not one ‘red’ cent. You state that you have the ability to assist in sharing information, that could guide writers to potential earnings online. i’d like to test your information, and give you and your site honest reviews… I hope you’ll address this comment soon. I’m looking forward to your speedy reply!

    • says

      Hello, and thanks for stopping by. If you are a good writer (and it seems you are from this post), I am 100% sure you can make money online as a writer. It takes hard work and some time, but if you’re willing to work, you can do it.

      I’m happy to help in any way I can! Please, don’t hesitate to ask.


      • Sterling says

        Okay, that’s so good to hear. How shall I go about taking on my first task…? Oh, wait! What is my first task again…? I assure you, I will not be a disappointment… Assignment Please!

        • says

          I recommend starting by seeking out private clients. The free eBook I offer lists multiple ways to find great clients which will pay you to write for them. If you have any specific questions about the process, please let me know.


  3. Scott says

    I signed up, am at the Thank You page, but still do not see the download for your promised eBook. Am I blind? And I did not get a follow up message from you for it either. Sorry to comment here, but didn’t want to go through your syndication button.

    • says

      You should get an email with a download link in it. This will come after you’ve verified that you want to be part of my email list. If you use gMail, it could be in one of the other email tabs that they recently started using.

      Let me know if you still can’t find it, and I’ll email it to you manually.


  4. says

    Hi Mr. Michael,
    Sincerely, I am inspired by your insightful analysis on how one can earn from his or her creative writing skills.

    But the disappointing aspect of it all is more than 90% of African countries, particularly Nigeria, are not beneficiary of this great opportunity.
    I shall, in due course, email you other critical enquiries.
    Also,you have been sincere in your article, just for this your invention is going to earn my vote/ endorsement.
    Opeyemi Quadri

    • says

      Thanks for the comment. I’m going to have to look into how I can provide more useful information to non-US/UK readers. I did get your email, and responded. If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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