The Benefits of Online Writing Jobs

online writing jobs

writers come in.  Having the option to write for money online is a dream come true for many people.  The following are some of the best benefits of online writing jobs for freelancers:

The opportunities for freelance writers are better today than ever before.  In generations past, freelance writers had to try to find work by submitting their content to magazines and newspapers, with t

he hope that it would be bought.  Sometimes they could get to the point where they would regularly get their content published, but that wasn’t always the case.  Freelance writing was a job that not many people had in the past.  Today, however, anyone who can write well can make a good amount of money as a freelance writer, thanks to online writing jobs.

There are hundreds of millions of websites online today, and the one thing they all h

ave in common is that they need content.  While many site owners produce their own content, millions of others pay people to create the high quality content that they need, and that is where freelance

  • Flexible – You can write any time of the day or night, and from anywhere you can bring your computer.  Online writing jobs allow you to work on your own terms, which many people love.
  • Global Market – You can work for people from anywhere in the world.  In years past, freelance writers typically worked for local newspapers and magazines.  The best ones might get picked up by a national publication.  Today, however, every freelance writer has the option to work for people from anywhere in the world.
  • Lots of Jobs – Website owners and other digital content providers are in constant need of writers.  If a freelance writer is able to market themselves well, there is no shortage of online writing jobs.
  • Fair Pay – While this is certainly debatable, freelance writers today can typically earn a fair wage for their work.  Depending on your skill, experience and knowledge, you can easily make a great living as a writer who is focused online on online writing jobs.
  • Interesting Work – You can find online writing jobs where you write about virtually any topic you can imagine.  While sometimes you’ll undoubtedly have to write about boring topics, you can really learn a lot about a wide range of different things as a writer.
  • Part Time or Full Time – You can choose how many hours per week you want to put into your writing.  If you work harder and put in more hours, you’ll earn more money.  If you are just looking for some extra spending cash, you can keep it more casual.
  • Fun – Freelance writing online can be a lot of fun.  You can challenge yourself to find new clients, or focus on improving your writing, or even start your own sites to make money.  For most people, it is a lot better than having to show up at an office five days per week for the rest of your life.

Online writing jobs have helped change many people’s lives.  Without the Internet, and access to these types of paying jobs, thousands of freelancers wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.  I, for one, am very grateful for the opportunity to write online!

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    I agree wholeheartedly! I have my clients for my business, but my writing is where I immerse in and love over and over again. These are excellent points for writers! Keep writing.

  2. says

    I mainly write for myself and my niche sites…I guess my readers are my clients, but I agree with everything above. There are so many benefits and perks to writing online. Most of all for me is fun and flexibility. I have a regular full time job so if it wasn’t fun for me, I wouldn’t even bother and of course as a mom of 4 with a full time job and other responsibilities, if the flexibility wasn’t there…I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to. Great article!
    Misty Spears recently posted…Starting a Subscription Membership Niche Site for Passive IncomeMy Profile

    • says

      I have a full time job as well, so being enjoyable is another big perk. For me, the money is nice too. The money I’ve made writing online has allowed us to go on some really fun vacations, as well as do many other great things with and for the kids. It really makes it worth it.


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    Unfortunately, many people who want to be a freelance writer (and some who are lucky enough to become one) – really don’t have the necessary skills to be in that position.

    When I read some of the articles written by so-called freelancers, I want to bring up dinner. ROFL

    Some of the grammar is the worst I’ve ever seen! AND, I cannot believe people actually use the material on their websites.

    Yes, it’s easy to be a freelance writer online, but make absolutely certain you have what it takes to be a “great writer” because this isn’t a gift we ‘re all born with. For some, it’s a skill that needs the greatest care to become salable.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…How I Render Videos with CamtasiaMy Profile

  4. Len Diamond says

    Have you seriously checked the rates paid on the online jobsites? It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry. Have you seen the “trivial work” template?. Did you see the record of the Elance employer.whose average rate paid was $1.82 per hour? Writing has been reduced to a commodity called “content,” and I think it’s the online market that’s done it. The result is, as Bonnie Gean points out, garbage; “content” made by content-makers rather than information or entertainment or opinion or instruction or news written by people who can write. Don’t get me started….

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    While I don’t consider myself a writer, I do enjoy creating content for the web and filling my blog with content to share with others. However, I have been able to earn a bit of income from having my websites.

    I think the internet has opened so many doors for so many people and has allowed them to utilize the skills they have to form their our futures and earn a living on their own terms.

    Writing is truly an art form and I commend those who have a true gift with words.
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…Moms Orchid Color PaletteMy Profile

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