Top 10 Tips for Taking Action

take actionWhether you’re a freelance writer, an internet marketer, an entrepreneur or any other category of ‘self employed’ individual, there is nothing more important than taking action.  Most people are ‘trained’ from the time they are young that they should get a normal 9-5 job and do the assignments that they are given by their boss.  When you start diving into the self employment world, however, you don’t really have a boss who is there to tell you what to do.  Of course, this is a good thing, but it can also be difficult for many people.

Most people spend FAR too much time thinking about what they should do, or working on a project trying to get it perfect or just jumping from idea to idea.  While some of this may be necessary, you’ll never become successful without taking real action.  Many people fear taking action because it opens them up to failure or difficulty.  The fact is, however, that it is only by going through these types of difficulties that you’ll ever become truly successful.  So, with that in mind, let’s look at the top 10 tips for taking action!

  1. Perfect is the Problem – For me (and I believe many others) the biggest problem with taking that important piece of action is that I feel I’m never ready.  I could always improve something a little more.  The bottom line is, nothing is ever going to be perfect.  If automotive companies never released a car until it was 100% perfect, we’d all still be riding horses!  So, don’t go for perfect before you take action.  Make something that is ‘good enough’ and then you can make further improvements after you release it.
  2. Make a List – You should always have a list of things that you need to do.  Organize the list in a way which will help you to always know what action you should be taking.  This eliminates the problem of not knowing what you should be working on, and also helps you to avoid procrastination.
  3. Accountability Partners – Tell someone what types of action you’re planning on taking, and when you’ll take it.  Ask them to hold you accountable if you don’t meet your deadline.  There are many ways to do this, so find one that works well for you!
  4. Reward Yourself – When you set a goal for some type of action, include a reward if you meet your goal.  This could be taking yourself out to a movie, giving yourself a break or just about anything else.  Figure out what types of rewards work best for you, and use them to your advantage!
  5. Baby Steps – If you’re feeling stuck, try to take even a tiny step forward toward your goal.  Even the smallest progress can help break through barriers and help you to become successful.
  6. Do ANYTHING – There are some times when it feels impossible to figure out what you should be focusing on.  When this happens, just flip a coin, or throw a dart at your ‘to do’ list.  Take action on whatever it hits, even if it doesn’t make sense.  At least you’ll be doing something, which may help you decide what needs to be done next.
  7. Ask Someone for Help – If you’re having trouble with something and you can’t seem to get it done, or even get it started, ask someone for help.  They may be able to get the ball rolling so you continue the progress.
  8. Get Excited – Excitement can really help drive action, so get excited about the next step you need to take.  Even if you’re not feeling excited now, just ‘fake it till you make it’ as the saying goes.  If you start jumping around, yelling about how awesome it will be, you won’t be able to avoid being truly excited.  Don’t worry about looking stupid, you need to do whatever it takes to take action!
  9. Succeed at Failing – I doubt that anyone who is successful today can say that they got that way without any road blocks or failures in their past.  It doesn’t matter if you fail at something 10 times, as long as you succeed on #11.  Don’t fear failure, embrace it!
  10. Just Do It! – This one kind of sums up all the others, but the bottom line is you need to put all your fears out of your head.  Just take a step and see where you land.  That is one of the most exciting parts of being a self employed individual, so really get into the habit of taking any type of action, no matter what, just do it!

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