Top 10 Writing Sites that Accept Guest Posts

Guest PostMost of us are aware that guest posting is a great way to not only get a high quality back-link for SEO, but also an excellent way to get very targeted traffic.  Guest posting is one of the most effective marketing methods out there today, and there is no reason to think that will ever change.  If, for example, I can write a guest post for a popular website, I’ll be able to benefit both from the link, and the traffic, for years to come.

The down side of guest posting, however, is that it can be a royal pain in the rear end to find the right sites that accept guest posts.  It is critical to ensure the site you’re posting on is in your niche, or a related one, or Google will slap you for link spam.

To make life a little easier for everyone, I’ve gone out and found ten amazing sites that accept guest posts, and compiled them for you here.  I provide you with a direct link to the page on their site that gives you instructions on how to guest post for them, as well as their page rank and Alexa rank information so you can decide where to send your posts.

If you have a website in the writing niche, or a related niche (writing, freelancing, blogging, creativity, ect) this is a great opportunity for you to TAKE ACTION and take your site to the next level.  Guest posting is an amazing way to build an audience quickly and for the long term.   Please enjoy this list, and consider sharing it with your fellow writers!

About Freelance Writing (

  • PR4
  • Alexa Rank 312,714 (global) or 188,121 (USA)
  • This is a site dedicated to teaching people about freelance writing, and how to become successful. You can submit guest posts on almost any topic related to freelance writing (no need to seek approval).  It should be around 500-800 words in length (longer is possible with prior approval).  After that, you just email it to the webmaster following the simple instructions listed on the site.


Men With Pens (

  • PR6
  • Alexa Rank 69,844 (global) or 45,000 (USA)
  • This is a site that covers not only copywriting and content creation, but also website design and much more.  You can write about any topic they cover (copywriting, freelancing, entrepreneurship, online marketing, ect).  They demand high quality work (of course), and they want the post to be useful, practical, helpful or actionable.

Wealthy Web Writer (

  • PR2
  • Alexa Rank 133,860 (global) or 33,359 (USA)
  • This site is all about helping online writers improve their career.  They want “to educate, support and guide you, every step of the way.”  The guest posting process seems very simple, you just fill out an online form with the details of what you want to write, and submit it. They will review it, and get back to you.

Write For Money Online (

  • PR1
  • Alexa Rank 475,348 (global) or 162,198 (USA)
  • Ok, you got me.  This is my site. As you hopefully already know, this site is all about helping other writers make money with their writing.  I accept guest posts about freelance writing, niche site creation, content mills, kindle publishing and just about anything else related to writing for money online.  Simply contact me with your idea, and we can work out the details (

Successful Blogging (

  • PR4
  • Alexa Rank 183,902 (global) or 112,522 (USA)
  • This site is mostly about blogging, but also covers freelance writing and more.  They accept a few guest posts per month, and they must be about blogging or writing or something within this general niche.  Visit the page listed, and it will give you all the guidelines you need to follow.

Be a Freelance Blogger (

  • PR3
  • Alexa Rank 60,545 (global) or 21,833 (USA)
  • This site is about teaching people how to make “REAL” money through freelance writing.  It is also helpful for teaching people how to make money with blogging and other things.  To guest post here you need to hang out on the site, and get to know the people first, but it is a great site, so that will be beneficial anyway.

Ink Well Editorial (

  • PR4
  • Alexa Rank 154,134 (global) or 56,562 (USA)
  • This is a site all about starting out in a freelance writing career.  It is a very informative site that I’ve read quite a bit.  If you submit a guest post, and they like it, you can even become a featured guest poster!  You must write about the freelance writing niche, and of course, quality is key.

Publish Your Own Ebooks (

  • PR3
  • Alexa Rank 1,270,309 (global) US data unavailable.
  • This site is specifically about publishing eBooks, which can be a great source of income for writers.  If you know about this niche, this could be a great place to guest post to help diversify your link profile.  This site does want you to have written and published (self-publishing is fine) at least one eBook, so make sure you have done this before applying.

Write To Done (

  • PR6
  • Alexa Rank 32,119 (global) or 15,783 (USA)
  • This site is all about writing.  It doesn’t focus only on freelancing, which is a nice change of pace from most of the other ones.  It is a very popular site, so getting your post on this page would be very beneficial.  Like all sites, they only want high quality content related to their niche.

The Creative Penn (

  • PR3
  • Alexa Rank 52,075 (global) or 17,059 (USA)
  • This site is about writing, creativity, entrepreneurship and more.  It is a very interesting site that provides a lot of very valuable content to visitors.  Posts need to be about the topics listed in the site (writing, creativity, entrepreneurship).  Please note at this moment the site is not accepting guest posts because they have gotten too many.  They will re-open this in the coming months, however, so it is a great place to keep checking.

I hope you found this list helpful, but even more, I hope you will take action to help build your site up!  If you like this list, please consider sharing it through social media or any other outlet you use.  If you want to publish this list on your site, please contact me at to set it up.

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    Hi Michael very informative as usual, thank you for helping me have you any advice for me I would like to start a blog, but I am worried about writing new stuff every day. Hope to hear from you soon, once again thank you Michael. Veronica.

    • says

      Hey – glad you’re finding my posts beneficial. I think the most importnat thing is to start a blog on a topic you enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like work. Then you can schedule out posts days in advance so you don’t fall behind.

      Also, once you have 15-20 posts up, you don’t have to post every day if you find you’re too busy with other stuff. I try to get in at least 3-4 posts per day on mine, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Other times I get more than that done.

      If you need any help with starting it up, just let me know!


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