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Write for money online

I believe those of us who know how to write well are in a uniquely positive position when it comes to making

money online.  We have the one skill which seems to be most lacking throughout the ‘make money online’ world.  In addition, I believe it is very difficult for someone who can’t write well to learn this craft effectively (though not impossible).  Other skills such as building a website, link building, marketing and social networking, on the other hand, are all fairly easy to learn.  Sure, there will be some hard points, but with the information that is out there, anyone who can write can learn these other skills fairly quickly.

Sadly, many writers are still struggling to bring in even a small amount of money each week.  At the request of one of my readers, I’m creating a quick “Top 15” list of ways you can earn money from writing online.  (If you have any topics or questions you’d like me to write about, make sure to check out my post HERE and let me know in the comments).  Not all of these methods will be right for you, but I’m confident that anyone who can write can find something in this list that they can do well.

  1. Fiverr – is where I got my start as a writer.   If you know how to use ‘gig extras’ and how to
  2.  market yourself well, this can be a great source of writing jobs.  In addition, it is fairly easy to get started with, so it is good for newer writers.
  3. Constant is a well established place where people can go to buy content on almost any topic.  Naturally, they require writers to provide that content.  You can set your own price using this site, though it can take a little while to sell.  This site is perfect for keeping you busy between other projects.  You can read more about this great site in a post I made a while back, it can be found HERE.
  4. Private Clients – Writing for private clients is one of the best ways to make money as a writer.  They provide you with what they want written, and you create the content.  This is excellent for high-paying, steady work.  You can read all about how to find and keep private clients on my post located HERE. (That is part one on a 3 part series).  You can also get a much more in-depth overview of finding private clients if you sign up for my email list using the form below.  The report is free and provides several great ways to find private clients.
  5. Write an eBook – Many people have a passion for writing a book of some sort.  Whether you want to write an informational eBook helping people learn a craft, or you want to write an epic novel, you can make money from it.  Create your book and publish it on Amazon’s Kindle store and you can earn money with every sale.
  6. Create Authority Websites – Create and maintain a website about something you know and love.  You can earn money through ads or selling an informational product, or even promoting an affiliate product.  You can read more about creating authority websites in my post HERE.
  7. Create Micro-Niche Websites – Micro-niche sites are a great way to earn passive income.  You can build them in a day or two, and with very little work, they can keep earning you money for years.  Read more about micro-niche sites on my post HERE.
  8. Editing – If you’re a little tired of writing all the time, why not consider editing for others.  Looking on freelance sites like oDesk and eLance, you can find people who are looking to have their work edited by a professional.  See if any jobs look good, and send them a proposal.
  9. Freelance Sites – Finding writing jobs on freelance sites like eLance and oDesk is easy.  There are hundreds posted every day.  Of course, you have to win the bid in order to get hired, but with some effort, you’ll get there.   I personally use eLance quite a bit, but other freelancing sites are great too!
  10. iWriter – is a popular ‘content mill’ where you can find writing jobs which you get paid for completing.  I haven’t personally used this site, but I’ve heard you can get steady work here if you are willing.  They don’t pay much per word, but if you’re just looking to make some quick cash, this might be a great option for you.
  11. Textbroker – is another popular content mill.  This site pays more than iWriter, on average, though still less than you’d get from most private clients.  As you gain experience, you can make more money per article.   This may be another great option for people who need ‘filler’ jobs while they are in between other work.
  12. PLR Store – Create Private Label Rights (PLR) content and sell it to other website owners.  You can make a “PLR Pack” of 10 articles, sell it for $10, but sell it 100+ times.  If you can build a good list of clients, you can make great money with this method.
  13. SEO Companies – Contact Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies.  They will always need high-quality content to support the SEO efforts of their customers.   If you can become a primary writer for a good SEO company, you can get regular work, which pays quite well.
  14. Associated Content (aka Yahoo! Voices) – or is another content mill which allows you to write for cash.  This one provides the content to a variety of other Yahoo properties, and pays better than most other content mills.  You can get paid up front, based on performance and through other exclusive assignments.
  15. Writers Domain – is another content mill.  They pay between $3-$3.30 per 200 words, and often have quite a bit of work, from what I’m told.  I’ve never used this site, but have heard good things (other than that it pays low rates).
  16. Magazines – Finding established online or print magazines and offering to write content for them can be very lucrative.  Successful magazines will often pay hundreds of dollars per article.  Of course, it has to be high-quality and relevant to their magazine, but if you can do it, you can get a lot of money and exposure.

If you have any other places where you write for money online, please share them in the comments bel

ow.  I’m always happy to hear about new opportunities.

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    Such great information. I have been so busy writing and keeping up with 2 blogs just to get my name out there that I have been lazy about looking for a way to make money with it.

    Thank you for so much information! I will bookmark and come back again very soon to visit some of the sites.

    I guess I could figure it out on my own but if you want a suggestion for an upcoming post that I would love to read more about is creating an effective query letter when trying to get freelance work.

    Missy Bell

    • says

      I’m glad you found this post useful! I understand being too busy to expand, I have a lot of ideas in my head, but I’m trying to focus on my freelancing, and this site exclusively right now. Otherwise I’ll have too much on my plate and accomplish nothing. 🙂

      I’ll add ‘creating an effective query letter when trying to get freelance work.’ to my list of things to write!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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