Whether you’re looking to write for money online as a freelancer, or you want to earn some great cash as a blogger, you will always need your own site.  When you’re ready to start your own site, you are going to need high-quality hosting.  I personally use and recommend hostgator for the vast majority of websites.  They are extremely affordable, provide excellent support and their hosting is very reliable.

When you’re ready, use this link to get the lowest possible price for your hosting:


I’ve also arranged a special coupon code with HostGator to give you $9.94 off your first month! Just enter “WriteForMoneyOnline” in the coupon box when you order.  *This coupon doesn’t work with other sales and deals.  Enter it in anyway though because HostGator will calculate which offer gets you the lowest price and apply it for you*

Why HostGator?

Hostgator goes the extra mile. Every single time I have called them, they have taken time to provide me with the help and direction I need to go forward with my business. Not just general directions, they have walked me through, step by step, to help me with my sites.  They have answered some very technical questions I had, and even took the time to explain the answers again so I could understand them.  They have 24/7 technical support both by phone or through their convenient chat window as well.  This is perfect for jumping on and asking quick questions about nearly anything you can imagine (related to hosting of course).

Which Package to Buy?

This is one of the most common questions people ask about website hosting.  The answer is fairly simple for the vast majority of people.  If you’re just starting a small website or blog (like WriteForMoneyOnline.com for example) than the least expensive ‘hatchling’ plan is sufficient.  It is a shared hosting plan, which means your website will be run on the same physical computer as many others.  That’s not a problem for most sites, so don’t let it scare you.   If you are running multiple sites, you will want to go one step up to the ‘baby’ plan, which is very similar to the hatchling option, except it allows you to host multiple domains on the same account (very convenient).

If you’re running a larger site, you may need to get a higher-end hosting package, but it is easy to upgrade and HostGator will do all the work for you.  Most people, however, don’t ever need more than a simple shared hosting account.

One last suggestion I’d like to make.  If you have the cash on hand, consider paying for your hosting a year at a time.  It reduces the price quite a bit, and is much easier.  If you can’t afford it, however, monthly payments are still very simple and won’t break the bank.

If you need Hosting and want top notch quality and service at an affordable price, Hostgator is excellent!

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