What is The Average Salary of a Freelance Writer?

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Once people find out that you work as a freelance writer the default question they ask is “How much do you make?”.

You have probably found yourself asking a variation of that question to someone you just met as soon as they mention their job. It is natural to want to know how much a certain job pays. But asking a freelance how much he makes won’t yield a specific answer.


Because freelance work is just that; freelance work. There is a difference between a contracted writer and a freelance writer. Contract writers are officially hired by a company and they usually have a steady salary. Freelance writers work for themselves and their salaries can vary greatly. It is just like any other freelance job. You won’t be paid unless you deliver something. The amount that you make from freelance writing work entirely depends on how MUCH you work and what type of content you write.

Different types of content pay differently.

What type of content can you write? 

There is a demand for literally every type of text content on the internet. Granted, the demand for certain articles is a lot higher than other articles but generally it is possible to find clients for pretty much any type of articles. Below you can find a list of articles that are in high demand.

  1. Blog posts.
  2. Technical articles.
  3. Copywriting (sales pages, etc)
  4. Product reviews.
  5. eBooks.
  6. Tutorials.

Finding clients who want to hire you to write the above articles is relatively easy. Just check out various online freelance job boards or forums. I will cover how to find writing clients in a different post. So don’t forget to check this website again in a couple of days.

How much can you get paid for each type of content? 

The amount that you can be paid for each article depends on two things: your client and your skills. It is possible to find clients who will pay more than 100$ for a decent 500 word blog post. In fact, it is possible to find clients who pay much more than 100$ for blog posts. It is not easy to find clients who will pay a lot but it is possible. The more popular the website the higher the price tag will be for content. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try pitching your writing skills to some famous websites. It is worth as shot.

However, the general price range for basic blog posts is around 1-6$ for 100 words. When I first started writing, I was offering my services for a measly 0.5$ for 100 words.

Don’t think that lowering your rates will yield more clients. The opposite actually happens. Determine a rate that you think is fair and don’t change it unless you want to raise it.

What is highest paying type of content? 

I mentioned earlier that the amount you can earn depends on how much your clients are willing to pay. Regardless, I believe the highest paying type of freelance writing is copywriting. In other words, writing the content for sales pages for various products.

People are always looking for great copywriters. Because great sales pages will encourage people to buy the product. If you invest money in a good copywriter your sales will shoot through the roof and you can earn A LOT of money.


The point that I am trying to make in this article is that a freelance writer’s salary can be incredibly unstable. Sometimes they can thousands of dollars in one month and another month they might earn a couple hundred dollars. The key to a steady income as a freelance writer is to find clients who can provide you with regular work. You can’t do that unless you make each client happy and over deliver.

There are many different types of articles that you can write and you can charge a different rate for each one. The highest paying type of content that you can write are sales pages. Invest your time in studying copywriting if you want to drastically increase your salary as a freelance writer.

What is your experience with writing articles for money? I would love to hear your opinion. Leave a comment and don’t forget to share!

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