Why you Need to Know Internet Marketing

internet marketingWhile working on writing my new eBook about how to make a full time income as a writer online I learned something that kind of surprised me.  I found that one of the most difficult things people have (with the process I recommend) isn’t about how to directly market themselves or how to write proposals (though those are important, and sometimes difficult) but how to understand the lexicon of Internet Marketers.

Internet marketers (a very board term I’m using here to describe anyone who wants to make money online) will almost certainly make up at least some portion of your private clients.  Many writers work directly for SEO companies, or for people who are making money with their websites.  With this in mind, it is essential that all writers have at least a good foundational understanding of what internet marketing is, and what those in that business are talking about.

How to Learn

The best way to learn about Internet marketing is, in my opinion, to simply spend some time hanging around in the areas where they congregate.  The two sites I spend time on are the Warrior Forum and Digital Point.  Both of these sites are dedicated to helping people learn to make money online in a wide range of different ways.

I must warn you, however, that spending time on these sites will almost certainly get you tempted to buy one of the many things people there try to sell.  You’ll see a million signature links that say, “Learn to make $10,000 per month in just 3 weeks.” Or something similar.  Don’t do it!  Most of these are scams, and even the ones that can work are more difficult than they make it sound (I’ve bought some in the past and learned my lesson!).

What I would recommend, however, is that you just read through the posts to get a feel for it.  If you ever run into something you don’t understand, consider making a post on the site asking questions about it.  If you’re uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email (Michael@WriteForMoneyOnline.com) and ask me.  You can also post in the comments on this (or any) post on this site. I don’t know everything, but I’ve been on this scene for long enough to be able to figure it out in most cases.

Speaking their Lingo

One of the most important parts of learning about this is being able to speak with potential clients in their own language.  Like all types of businesses, there are certain terms that are commonly used that people outside the industry don’t really understand.  In this case, things like SEO, SEM, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Clickbank, VA, PLR, Sales page, sales funnel, email marketing and many more.

When you’re catting with someone either over email, Skype or phone, it is important to be able to know what they are talking about, or they won’t be confident that you’ll be able to provide them with the type of content they need.

So, with all that in mind, I highly recommend investing a little time each day reading about and learning about the world of Internet Marketing.  It will be time well spent.

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    I recently left my job as a television producer so I could work from home as a freelance writer. (and be around for my kids.) It’s a new world for me out there and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks for the tips about Warrior Forum and Digital Point. I will check them out and hopefully get more insight about working from home as a writer.
    Salma recently posted…Our First Christmas ConcertMy Profile

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      How exciting! Warrior Forum and Digital point are great not only for learning about internet marketing but also for finding clients (i’ve written about them in the past and how to do it). I’ve gotten quite a few freelance writing clients from those sites myself.

      Good luck!


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    While I agree that you need to know marketing lingo (for the online industry) to write for Internet marketers, but you must also know the lingo associated with other industries, too! Especially if you want to write for bloggers, chefs, printers and graphic designers.

    Each of these industries have a LINGO of their own and if you intend to write for these clients, you’ll need to learn more lingo than just what is associated with Internet marketing.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…An Update on Education IntentionsMy Profile

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      Great point. Especially if you want to target one industry closely. I like to start with learning about Internet Marketing beause (for me at least) I do quite a bit of writing for SEO companies. They ‘learn the lingo’ of the other industries, and then I just deal with them.

      When working directly for those in other industries, however, it is critical to know their language!



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