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Hand over keyboardWhether you’re looking for a type of freelance writing to specialize in, or an option for creating your own website to make money online, you should consider writing reviews for money.  This is often a great way to make some pretty good money, if you know what you’re doing.  I’ve been hired by quite a few clients to write reviews of different products, and it isn’t too difficult to write a good review, even if you haven’t directly used a product.

Writing Reviews for Products You Haven’t Used

Writing reviews for products you haven’t used may sound unethical at first, but it really isn’t if you do it properly (and legally).  When people are looking for a review of a product to help them decide whether or not to buy, they are often looking to get the opinion of many different people.  When writing reviews for products you haven’t used, you’ll need to essentially compile the results of multiple reviews from multiple other sources.

You can, and should, disclose that you haven’t yourself used the product, and that you are simply combining the overall reviews of other people in one convenient place.  This is often more valuable for the reader than a single review from one person anyway, so it is a benefit to everyone involved.  Depending on the type of product, and which state you live in, it may be legally necessary to disclose whether or not you’ve used a particular product too, so keep that in mind.

Writing Reviews for Money on Your Own Site

If you want to make money for yourself by running your own site, you can do very well with writing reviews.  There are many different options to choose from when doing this, and if you do it right, you can make a lot of money.  You’ll want to choose a niche area, and start looking for products to write reviews on.  If, for example, you want to write reviews about kitchen appliances, make sure there are enough of them out there to allow you to write lots of reviews.  (Of course, in this niche there are thousands of options).

Also, make sure you choose a niche that you actually enjoy learning and writing about.  Since you’ll have to write hundreds (or more) of reviews, along with other blog posts and articles about this topic, you will want to make sure it is something you love.

Another option with writing reviews for money is to simply write a few reviews for products related to an existing website you own.  This can be a great way to monetize a site, without having to dedicate all your energies into writing reviews.  For this site (WriteForMoneyOnline.com) for example, I could write reviews of web hosting companies as an affiliate, and make money off of people who signed up using my link.

Freelance Writing Reviews for Money

If you don’t want to deal with running your own site, but still want to write reviews for money, you can always offer your services as a freelance writer.  There are many people who hire writers to create high quality reviews about almost any topic in the world.  Depending on the person you work for, you can get paid anywhere from $10-100 per review, or even more for some products.  The trick is to be able to write a high quality review.

This doesn’t just mean writing a 100% positive review that feels more like a sales page than an actual review, however.  A high quality review will typically touch on all the positive points, as well as any shortcomings a product has.  This will be done in a way that typically leaves an overall positive feel to the product, but also seems genuine and real, which is exactly what it should be.

You can find people to hire you on all sorts of different places including eLance and oDesk.  You can also find review sites, and contact the site owner directly to see if they are interested in hiring a writer.  Just like any type of making money as a writer, a lot of the work will be in marketing yourself properly.

What do you think about writing reviews for money?  Have you ever done it?  If not, is it something you would be interested in?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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    I’ve never written reviews specifically and gotten paid for them, but I do a lot of reviews with affiliate links to products. I’ve done well, off and on, depending on how often I stick to it. On one site I write mystery reviews, but it takes time to read the book then write the review. Keeps me from working on other projects, but since I love mysteries I’m thankful I get all these free books. So, it is a trade-off.
    Edie Dykeman recently posted…Should Children Attend a Funeral?My Profile

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      Writing book reviews can be great too, especially if you love reading. I’m to slow of a reader to do that full time, but I do want to include book & movie reviews on a future site I’m planning someday when I have time.


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    I am getting my own review website started, and it has been fun so far. I like your advice to write about something you enjoy. It is a lot easier to continue to write if the subject is interesting. Writing reviews of things you own or have used is kind of like being a kid who loves to show off their new toys to anyone who will listen. The best part is that people actually appreciate product reviews. Most of the purchases I make are heavily influenced by the reviews I read, especially when they contain more information than the actual product description.

    I also like what you said about reviewing products occasionally on niche sites that aren’t necessarily just review sites. When people are looking for more in depth information they will appreciate a review of a product they can use that has something to do with your blog’s main subject.
    Thank you for your advice!
    AJ Everton recently posted…Show Dad How, for Aspiring FathersMy Profile

    • says

      I’ve visited your review site in the past, and I love it! I like how you take a fun, yet still practical approach to your reviews. And some of the products you’ve got are amazing! Once I become a millionaire with my freelance writing, I know where I’ll be learning about new products to buy (and waste my money) lol.


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    Great post. Writing reviews on Fiverr was actually my first big online venture. I actually made enough off of it that I was able to quit my job.

    Now I’m trying to get into the review site business.

    Once again, great post. I learned quite a bit.

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